The Toronto Official Plan encourages the inclusion of public art in all significant private sector developments across the City. City Planning works with the private sector to secure public art contributions through development review, Official Plan amendments and re-zonings.

The governing principle for the Percent for Public Art Program is that art is a public benefit to be enjoyed and experienced by residents and visitors throughout the city. The privately-owned art is intended to make buildings and open spaces more attractive and interesting and to improve the quality of the public realm. The Program requires that the artwork must be clearly visible at all times from publicly accessible areas. Alternatively, City Planning may seek public art contributions to be directed to City-owned public lands. An overview of the Program can be found in the Percent for Public Art Program brochure.

Percent for Public Art Program Inventory Map

Please use the zoom-in and zoom-out tool or the mouse wheel to locate Public Art from Toronto City Planning’s Percent for Public Art Program. As new Public Art is built, locations will be added to the map.

Note: Locations are approximate.

LEGEND: Pink Push Pin - Existing Public ArtExisting Public ArtWhite Push Pin - Public Art Under Construction Under Construction