Condo building that is red on the bottom, and white ontop, with 13 storeys, 171 residential condominium suites.
The Well Residential Tower A

This project is a residential tower within The Well project in Toronto Ontario. The development is 13 storeys, with 171 residential condominium suites with associated amenities. The building successfully achieved the Toronto Green Standard Tier 2, version 2 requirements. The building’s sustainability elements promote occupant well-being while maximizing energy and water performance.

  • Total Gross Area (Size) – 16,750.7 m2
  • Building Type – Residential
  • Building Location – 425 Wellington St. W.
  • Website – The Residences at The Well
  • Energy Savings GJ – 11,354 GJ (32.3 per cent cost saving vs. Model National Energy Code for Buildings)

This Toronto Green Standard Tier 2, Version 2.0 Candidate building includes:

Bike Storage

Indoor and outdoor bicycle parking.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Multiple charging stations provided for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Green Roof and Heat Island Reduction

Multiple green roof areas combined with high-albedo terrace and at grade pavers and roof to reduce the urban heat island effect and manage stormwater onsite.

Water Efficiency

Low-flow plumbing fixtures were selected for installation to reduce potable water consumption by 36.7 per cent.

High-efficiency drip irrigation, rainwater reuse, and drought-tolerant species selection reduced the potable water use for irrigation on-site by 100 per cent.

Heating / Cooling

Enwave connection to chilled and hot water.

Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Efficient LED fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors in the amenities and support areas

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star appliances.

Energy Recovery

Every suite and amenity space is equipped with an energy recovery ventilator.

Building Developer

Woodbourne Canada Management Inc.


Wallman Architects
600-99 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5V 3P8

Landscape Architect

Janet Rosenberg & Studio
148 Kenwood Avenue
Toronto, ON M6C 2S3

Sustainability Consultant

EQ Building Performance Inc.
20 Floral Parkway
Concord, ON L4K 4R1

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Novatrend Engineering Group
54 W Beaver Creek Rd
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G5