In Dec 2021 City Council adopted the Net Zero by 2040 Climate Strategy and accelerated the Toronto Green Standard (TGS) implementation dates for the Greenhouse Gas Emission limits to 2025 and 2028 so that buildings constructed on or after 2030 are near zero emissions. View the TGS V4 Standards adopted by Council in July 2021.


The Toronto Green Standard is Toronto’s sustainable design and performance requirements for new private and city-owned developments since 2010. Version 3 is in effect since 2018 and Version 4 comes into effect May 1, 2022 for new planning applications. The Standard consists of tiers of performance with Tier 1 being mandatory and applied through the planning approval process.

Financial incentives are offered through the Development Charge Refund Program for eligible and verified Tier 2 or better, high performance, low emissions projects.

Toronto Green Standard Version 3

Apply this standard to new planning applications received on or after May 1, 2018.

Toronto Green Standard Version 2

Apply this standard to new planning applications received by April 30, 2018.


A history and goals of the Toronto Green Standards.

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