For buildings that are greater than 2000 mGFA, Tier 1 requires the submission of a Design Development Stage Energy Report prior to Site Plan Approval that demonstrates a minimum level of compliance in accordance with the applicable version of the Toronto Green Standard energy efficiency requirements. An As-Constructed Stage Energy Report is required for Tier 2 or higher levels of performance, based on Issued for Construction drawings and submitted prior to the completion of third-party verification of Tier 2 or better projects.

Planning applications submitted before May 1, 2018:

Energy Report Terms of Reference and Guidelines for Toronto Green Standard Version 2. The City’s Environment & Energy Division will review the Energy Reports and determine if the buildings have been designed to achieve Toronto Green Standard energy requirements.

Projects may be eligible for a financial incentive for the energy savings achieved in the fulfilment of the Toronto Green Standard requirements. The High Performance New Construction Program offers design assistance and substantial financial incentives for building owners and design decision makers who exceed the electricity efficiency specified in the Ontario Building Code.

Contact the Environment & Energy Division at to discuss your project in more detail or for more information about the Energy Report submission requirements.