Consultations on the draft Official Plan policies are underway. The recommended policies are expected to be brought to the Planning and Housing Committee in early to mid-2019.

June 7, 2018 – Planning and Growth Management Committee

At its June 7, 2018 meeting, the Planning and Growth Management Committee endorsed the draft Official Plan amendment with new policies to address the loss of dwelling rooms due to redevelopment and the displacement of tenants who rent them as the basis for public consultation.

Committee also directed staff to conduct open houses in each community council district and to meet with key stakeholders to obtain comments and feedback on the draft policies. More details are found in the Draft Official Plan Amendment – Dwelling Room Protection Policies Staff Report, which was considered by Planning and Growth Management Committee in June 2018.

The policies were drafted in response to a Protecting Dwelling Units motion that was put forward at the October 12, 2017 meeting of Planning and Growth Management Committee for City Planning to report back on a policy framework that protects dwelling rooms similar to policies in the Official Plan that provide for the protection of rental units. This motion also built upon a September 3, 2015 Large Single-room Occupancy Buildings motion from the Affordable Housing Committee.