City staff are undertaking a local area study of the Keele and St. Clair West area that will inform the Growth Plan (2019) conformity exercise for the lands in close proximity to the planned GO/Smart Track station near Keele Street and St. Clair Avenue West. The Local Area Study will  recommend a planning framework to Council for the creation of a complete community and identify sites that may be appropriate for redevelopment in light of planned transportation, transit and infrastructure improvements.

The Keele-St. Clair Local Area Study follows dissemination area boundaries approximately 500-800 metres from the planned Go/Smart Track station. As directed by the Planning and Housing Committee, the Local Area Study will also study the Employment Area adjacent to McCormack Street.

A concurrent review of the larger Employment Areas adjacent to the Keele-St. Clair Local Area Study boundary will be prioritized as part of the broader Municipal Comprehensive Review of the City’s Employment Areas.

Consultation with stakeholders and the public will be held to obtain feedback on the Local Area Study from September to November, 2020. Once confirmed, the details for consultation will be posted here.

On October 15, 2019, Planning and Housing Committee adopted PH9.2 regarding the Growth Plan (2019) and Municipal Comprehensive Review/Comformity Exercise Requirements. The Committee directed City Planning “to prioritize the study of the Keele-St. Clair area including lands around McCormack Street where lands are designated as Employment Areas and are not identified as a Provincially Significant Employment Zone as part of the upcoming review in order to enable the potential unlocking of the lands in the vicinity of the Smart Track/GO Kitchener line and planned station located in the area of these lands.”

On June 29, 2020, Council adopted PH14.4, a work plan for the Growth Plan Conformity and Municipal Comprehensive Review. The work plan describes Local Area Studies required for certain Major Transit Station Areas (MTSAs), including the Keele-St. Clair Local Area Study.

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