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The City is undertaking a Public Realm and Community Services and Facilities Study to address the need for more open space and community services and facilities resulting from significant residential and commercial growth in Liberty Village.


The Study will help formulate a Public Realm and Community Services Plan that will include principles, guidelines and an implementation strategy that can be achieved for future public realm improvements, help address the community service needs for the Liberty Village study area and provide direction for future development applications.

Study Area

Liberty Village was historically an industrial/manufacturing district. The study area has two distinct areas. Over the last two decades the overall study area has transitioned away from industrial and employment uses with the construction of a number of residential buildings on the east side of Liberty Village between Hanna Avenue and Strachan Avenue, and the adaptive reuse of existing buildings as new office, creative and information technology spaces, primarily on the west side of the study area, between Dufferin Street to Hanna Avenue.

A map of the Liberty Village Public Realm and Community Services Study area, bounded by Gardiner Express Way, Dufferin Street, King Street West, and Strachan Avenue

West Liberty Village: Employment Area

The western portion of Liberty Village includes low to medium scale commercial and former industrial buildings, surface parking lots, and a City park containing Lamport Stadium. Numerous industrial heritage buildings within the area contribute to Liberty Village’s unique built character, many with heritage structures, formerly containing industrial uses that have been repurposed to include contemporary office and creative industry space. Recent developments in the area include a new 8-storey office building at 99 Atlantic Avenue and a 5-storey office building at 80 Atlantic Avenue. Owing to its primarily industrial past, portions of the streets and sidewalks in Liberty Village west of Hanna Avenue often offer poor pedestrian environments, limited tree planting and street furniture and boulevard parking along Liberty Street. In recent years, the Liberty Village BIA has been making some improvements to these streetscapes.

East Liberty Village: Mixed-Use Residential Area:

The lands in Liberty Village south of King Street, east of Hanna Avenue to Strachan Avenue were part of a comprehensive redevelopment of former vacant industrial lands known as the Inglis Manufacturing Lands. Over the last two decades, the former industrial lands have been redeveloped into a mixed-use community containing retail, townhouse complexes and a number of residential towers ranging in height up to approximately 29-storeys. As a result of these redevelopments, the population in the study area has increased significantly. Additional community services and facilities, parks and open spaces, and improvements to the public realm are needed to accommodate the  increasing population.

Community Consultation Meeting – December 7th and 8th, 2021

On December 7, and 8th 2021, City Planning hosted two consultation meetings to launch the study process to the community. The meeting included a staff presentation which was followed by a facilitated discussion period to gain feedback and answer questions.

A recording of the meeting at the December 7th, 2021 evening session is available for viewing.
A recording of the meeting at the December 8th, 2021 afternoon session is available for viewing.

Community Consultation Meeting Presentation – December 7 and 8, 2021.

A Summary Report of the Questions and Answers received during both meetings will be posted in January 2022.

July 16, 2020 – Request for Liberty Village Public Realm and Community Services and Facilities Study
Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC) adopted Motion TE 16.58 with amendments, directing the Director of Community Planning, Toronto and East York District, in consultation with CreateTO, Parks, Forestry, and Recreation, Real Estate Services, Transportation Services and other necessary civic officials, to undertake a study of public space and other City-owned properties in Liberty Village. The motion directed staff to report back to Toronto and East York Community Council with a Terms of Reference and a Public Consultation Strategy. The Director, Community Planning, Toronto and East York District was also directed to report back to Toronto and East York with recommendations resulting from the study and associated consultation.

June 24, 2021 – Liberty Village Public Realm and Community Services and Facilities Study – Update
A report was brought forward to TEYCC to provide an update on the Liberty Village Public Realm and Community Services and Facilities Study. It provides a status update on the study including a Terms of Reference, Community Engagement Strategy and estimated study timelines. The report was adopted with a motion by Councillor Cressy requesting the Director, of Community Planning to report back to TEYCC to January 2022’s meeting with a status report detailing preliminary findings, short term implementation opportunities for public realm improvements, and community consultation feedback to-date.

Public consultation is fundamental to the Liberty Village Public Realm and Community Services and Facilities Study. In order to have a successful outcome to the study process, it is important to integrate the ideas and feedback received from the community stakeholders during the study. Feedback from the community will help inform the study process, guide City staff and assist with the outcomes to be included in the final Public Realm and Community Services Plan document.

There are many ways to provide your input:

This study is being conducted in Ward 10 Spadina-Fort York – Councillor Joe Cressy.


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