It is estimated that for each new high-rise residential development in the City of Toronto, there are 4-8 pets which occupy each floor of these buildings. As the pet population in our urban environments increases, it becomes increasingly important to understand the needs of pets and their owners and design spaces in new developments and their surrounding areas which can support this growing trend.

The purpose of this study is to develop a series of guidelines to inform the design and planning of pet amenities in multi-unit, high-density communities. The study will focus on three scales – the neighbourhood, the building, and unit – covering the private to the public realm, with recommendations and strategies tailored to address issues associated with each.

These Guidelines are an opportunity to inform the future design of buildings and spaces to foster more pet friendly environments.

A diverse population is an important ingredient to ensure complete and vibrant communities.  Building on this, the City Planning Division is seeking a city-wide comprehensive study to better accommodate the needs of pets and pet owners and how pets can be better accommodated within new developments.

The Pet Friendly Guidelines consists of three phases and the study is currently in Phase 1.

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Phase 1: Study Plan, Research and Public Consultations

Spring 2018

  • Study Plan and Work Program
  • Review and Synthesis of Background Information
  • Public and Stakeholder Consultations

Phase 2: Building Design and Neighbourhood Analysis and Draft Guidelines

Summer 2018 – Winter 2019

  • Development and Testing of Performance Standards and Guidelines

Phase 3: Final Design Guidelines and Final Report

Spring 2019