The Fireworks Bylaw regulates the use and sale of fireworks in Toronto.

Fireworks are only permitted on your private property until 11 p.m. on Victoria Day and Canada Day. A permit is required to set off fireworks on all other days.

Fireworks are not allowed in parks or on beaches. You are also not allowed to set off fireworks in a street, a parking lot, on a balcony, or on any private property that is not your own.

The Fireworks Bylaw prohibits the sale and discharge of any prohibited fireworks, including smoke bombs, exploding matches, exploding golf balls, stink bombs and fake firecrackers. The complete list of prohibited fireworks is available in the bylaw.

Contact 311 to report the use of fireworks in a City park or beach, illegal sale and possible misuse of fireworks. Please note that bylaw enforcement officers are not emergency responders, do not respond to complaints on an emergency basis and do not have the authority to immediately stop events.

Use & Disposal of Fireworks

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Sale of Fireworks

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