NO: IB-2017-2

Issued: June 26, 2017

Private Transportation Company (PTC) Vehicle Identifier Location

PTC Vehicle Requirement

Reference: Chapter 546 of Toronto Municipal Code, Licensing of Vehicles for Hire, § 546-113 (A)(4).


PTC Identifier – A sign, decal, emblem, symbol, or number displaying the logo or name of the PTC through which a driver is providing transportation service to passengers.


This bulletin applies to the requirement of PTC drivers to display a PTC identifier on their PTC vehicle when they are available to provide or are providing transportation to passengers.

How Does this Work?


As part of the application process, the PTC submits its PTC Identifier to the City of Toronto for approval.

PTC Drivers

Drivers must obtain the approved PTC Identifier from the PTC and display it on the vehicle in the rear window on the passenger side and in plain view.

Questions? Contact:
Vehicle-for-Hire Bylaw Enforcement, 1530 Markham Rd. 3rd floor