The City of Toronto has parks bylaws to regulate, protect, and govern public parks so that everyone can enjoy the park experience equally.

The bylaws address:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Amplified noise without a permit
  • Conduct
  • Events with no permit
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal dumping and storing materials on parkland
  • Illegal vending
  • Smoking
  • Let dogs off leash
  • Play sports (ski, ice skate, roller blade, etc.)
  • Swim
  • Drive a vehicle (on roadway only)
  • Toboggan
  • Drink and serve alcohol
  • Sell food, drinks, art, services or work
  • Take professional photographs or film
  • Distribute and post flyers or advertising
  • Play organized sports
  • Use portable and charcoal BBQs
  • Light, build or stoke an open fire/bonfire
  • Have a picnic or event with more than 25 people
  • If you are a licensed dog walker, maintain control of up to six dogs
  • Park a vehicle overnight

Permits are granted by the City of Toronto, except for permits to serve alcohol, issued through the AGCO.

Yes. Fines range from $100 to $300 for offences such as letting your dog off leash (except in off-leash areas) and drinking, selling or serving alcohol in a park without a permit.