All businesses licensed by the City of Toronto must provide service to individuals with guide dogs or service animals.

If you have been refused service by a City-licensed business:

  • Contact 311 and the City will investigate
  • A bylaw officer will educate the business owner of their responsibility to provide service
  • A $500 ticket can be issued
  • If the business owner refuses or it is a recurring issue, a Part III ticket can be issued, which is a summons to Provincial court

Other complaints about refusal of service

If you have a human rights inquiry or complaint about a private employer or service provider (for example, you are employed by or receive discriminatory treatment in a restaurant or store), or related to employment in or services received from the provincial government, contact:

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario 
Ontario Human Rights Legal Support Centre 
Ontario Human Rights Commission

If your complaint is about the provision of services within federal jurisdiction or if you work for a federally regulated industry, such as a bank or in telecommunications, contact the Canadian Human Rights Commission.