The City of Toronto believes that every child belongs and we are committed to an inclusive child care system that is high in quality and rich in learning opportunities for all children. Inclusive child care for a family of a child who needs extra support means that:

  • each family has the opportunity to access the child care program of their choice
  • each child is welcome and treated in the same thoughtful and respectful way as all other children.

Our Every Child Belongs team is made up of professionals from the City and community agencies. Together we provide services to licensed child care programs in Toronto for children with extra support needs and their families.

Each child care program has access to an Every Child Belongs Resource Consultation Staff who;

  • Works with the child care program and family to develop strategies and carry out individualized support plans for a child.
  • Supports child care programs to build inclusive environments through training and program consultation.

*The term ‘extra support needs’ refers to ‘special needs’

If your child already attends a licensed child care program, you can speak to the Supervisor of the centre or to the Home Visitor from the home care agency. This person will make a request for service.

The name and phone number of the Resource Consultation Staff for each child care centre is listed at the bottom of the centre’s registry page which can be found on our A to Z child care centre listing.

If your child does not yet attend a licensed child care program, SmartStart Hub can help you find services and supports offered by agencies that serve children with extra support needs. For more information contact 1-833-575-KIDS (5437).