Shelter, Support & Housing Administration offers various training opportunities.

To Register for a Course

Select the appropriate course tab below and click on the course registration link. Your registration will be confirmed by email.

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association’s (ONPHA) online “ABCs of RGI” course is the required training for new housing provider staff responsible for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) administration.

The online program is offered four times a year:

  • January
  • April
  • June
  • September

The course is tailored to Toronto’s local context and rules. Participants will have two months to complete the approximately twenty-hour course.

A reduced rate is available to all Toronto housing providers:

  • $210 plus HST for ONPHA housing members and co-ops
  • $300 plus HST for non-profits who are not ONPHA members

Before enrolling, you must have or set up an account with ONPHA, and use the username and password provided to register for the course.

Course information and registration instructions:

The City has partnered with the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) to create an online Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Challenges Course with ongoing registration.

This course is intended for RGI administration staff who have previously completed either the City’s or ONPHA’s RGI course, and will cover the most common issues and mistakes. It will also review RGI calculations and any changes or clarifications to the applicable legislation and the City’s local rules.

All RGI Administration staff are now required to attend RGI training at least once every five years; the RGI Challenges course is intended to fulfill this requirement for experienced RGI staff.

Once enrolled, learners will have one month to complete online course which takes two to three hours.

Participation should be included in housing providers’ Quarterly Reports under the RGI Training section.

This training is intended only for experienced RGI administrators who have taken comprehensive RGI training in the past, such as ONPHA’s ABC’s of RGI Administration or the City’s previous full day training course.

The rate for Toronto housing providers is:

  • $75 plus HST for ONPHA members and co-ops
  • $150 plus HST for non-members

Please indicate when you register that you are a Toronto Social Housing Provider.

Course information and registration instructions. 

Waiting List Management Online Course

The City of Toronto’s Waiting List Management (WLM) Online Course focuses on the rules and processes for allocating Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) subsidy and effective waiting list management.

This course, along with the in-person “Waiting List Management System” training, is mandatory for all housing provider staff who administer RGI and work with the centralized waiting list (CWL).

All participants will be required to complete an online test before the course closing date.

Waiting List Management System Course (In-Person)

The Waiting List Management System Course provides hands on training on using the City’s vacancy management system, where the CWL lives.

All RGI Administrators who use the CWL within the City of Toronto portfolio of housing providers are required to attend this training session in person, in most cases immediately following the successful completion of the WLM Online Course.

Both the online and in-person courses must be successfully completed before the participant can use the CWL to fill vacancies.

Course Dates

WLM Online Course WLM System Course
March 30 – April 27 May 7, 1-4 p.m.
April 27 – May 25 June 9, 1-4 p.m.
May 25 – June 22 July 9, 1-4 p.m.
June 22 – July 20 August 11, 1-4 p.m.


Register for the WLM Online Course

Note: RGI Administrators who are required to take the Waiting List Management (WLM) System Course will be automatically enrolled for the course that immediately follows the WLM Online Course for which they are registered.

If you have previously taken the WLM System Course but would like to attend again, please email .

Shelter, Support & Housing Administration and Toronto Fire present a free workshop for property managers.

  • Do you have an up to date, approved Fire Safety Plan?
  • Are you documenting and logging information correctly?
  • Are there gaps in your fire safety practices? How can these be remedied?
  • What can you do to improve fire safety and emergency preparedness in your buildings?

There are currently no Fire Safety workshops scheduled. Check back here for updates.