The Toronto Children’s Services Client Liaison Consultant provides support to clients and manages the child care fee subsidy appeal process. The Client Liaison can also assist you with addressing child care complaints and resolving your concerns.

Families have the right to appeal any policy, procedure or decision about their eligibility for a child care fee subsidy that they feel is unfair, unjust, discriminatory or not being applied appropriately based on the extenuating circumstances of their family’s situation.

The option of appealing should be discussed first with your Caseworker. If you are appealing, you must submit a letter of appeal, addressed to the Appeal Committee and submitted through the District office. As part of the appeal process, the letter must outline the reasons for your appeal along with any supporting documentation. The Client Liaison Consultant will prepare your appeal and forward it to the Appeal Committee on your behalf. Once a final decision is made, you will be contacted by phone and letter.