Use the calculator to find out if your family might be eligible for a Child Care Fee Subsidy and to estimate how much you will have to pay.

Child Care Fee Subsidy

A Child Care Fee Subsidy helps a family with the cost of licensed child care. There is a waitlist, so apply as soon as possible. You can apply as soon as you know you are pregnant or expecting a child through adoption.

A family who needs help with the cost of licensed child care for their children (up to 12 years old) and meets the following criteria.

  1. Your family

    • lives in Toronto,
    • is moving to Toronto
  2. Each parent/guardian is either

    • employed,
    • looking for work,
    • in school or planning to go to school, or
    • if you or your child has a special need you can also apply
  3. Each parent/guardian has submitted their most recent Income Tax Return

    • If you are a new immigrant to Canada this year or if you are under 18 years of age, you may apply without your most recent Tax Return

You can apply online for a Child Care Fee Subsidy or you can call 311. Apply Now

Important: You cannot use the online application to re-apply, change your address, phone number, child care choices or to add a new child to your application, please call 416-338-8888 to make any of these changes.

To apply, you will need

  1. Proof of income

    Note: If you receive Ontario Works, contact your Ontario Works caseworker to apply for a child care fee subsidy.

  2. Your child care choices

    You will need the names of the child care programs you are interested in. Parents should phone and visit each child care program to make sure it meets your family’s needs. Our licensed child care page can help you find a program.

  1. An email will be sent to you confirming your application.

    Once you have applied, you will receive an email letting you know if you are placed on the City’s Child Care Fee Subsidy waitlist.

    Keep this email. It confirms your waitlist date and your client file number.

  2. Contact the child care programs you are interested in.

    Let the child care program know you are on the waitlist for a Child Care Fee Subsidy.

  3. When your name comes to the top of the Child Care Fee Subsidy waitlist, a caseworker will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your eligibility and your child care options.

    At the meeting, if all eligibility criteria are met, you will officially be offered a Child Care Fee Subsidy and you will be given a period of time to find a child care program.

Once you have received a Child Care Fee Subsidy, the following information is important for you to know:

  1. Your responsibilities

    To maintain your subsidy you must:

    • Pay your fees to the child care program
    • Report changes (examples include changes to your family, job, address, phone number)
    • Respond to all requests for information by the deadline
    • Attend an annual eligibility meeting to renew your fee subsidy with your caseworker
    • File your income tax return on time
  2. How to plan for your family’s future child care needs

    Your family’s child care needs will change over time and your Caseworker will help you develop a child care plan to prepare for these changes.

    Your Caseworker can help you to transfer to another child care program if

    • your child outgrows their current child care program
    • a physical space is not available in the next age group
    • your current child care program no longer meets your family’s needs.
  3. How to appeal a child care fee subsidy decision

    Our Client Liason Consultant can help you with the appeal process.


To receive and to maintain your Child Care Fee Subsidy, you must attend an eligibility meeting every year and at times when there are changes in your situation that can affect your ongoing eligibility or your fee. If you have a spouse or partner, you are both encouraged to attend the meeting.

What to Expect

The meeting will be one hour long but you may have to wait to see a caseworker so make sure to give yourself enough time.Your eligibility will be reviewed during the meeting. Your caseworker will also review the policies and procedures and your responsibilities. You will have to sign an agreement that confirms the terms and conditions for receiving a Child Care Fee Subsidy.

What to Bring

Special Needs

If you are not employed or in school but you or your child has a documented special need, we require written documentation of the special need from your doctor, agency or another professional who has an ongoing involvement with your family. Please contact your caseworker for the following forms

  • Documentation of child special needs
  • Documentation of parent/guardian special needs


If self employed or corporate self employed, refer to the Self Employment Checklist for a list of required documents.


Important: You must bring all required documents with you to your meeting. If you do not bring the required documents, your meeting will be cancelled and you will need to return again. If you currently receive a Child Care Fee Subsidy, your subsidy may be withdrawn.