Your caseworker needs to have accurate, current information for you. Make sure your Child Care Fee Subsidy file remains up-to-date by reporting changes to your caseworker.

Why It Is Important to Keep Your File Up-to-Date

We will occasionally send out important information about your Child Care Fee Subsidy or about child care services in general. If the information on your file is out of date, you may miss important information and your Child Care Fee Subsidy or child care space could be affected.

Some changes may impact the amount of Child Care Fee Subsidy that you receive. If these changes aren’t reported, you could be required to pay back the full cost of fees from the time the change occurred. If the change results in a higher fee subsidy amount, you could miss out on the additional subsidy.

The following list includes changes that should be reported.

Changes to Income / employment

  • Stop or start receiving Ontario Works income assistance
  • Receive a reassessment notice from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Become or stop being self employed
  • Start a new job or end your current job
  • Have a change in your work schedule or shifts
    start or stop a maternity or paternity leave
  • Important: Call your caseworker to report a change to your income only if you receive:
    • A Revised Canada Child Benefit or Ontario Child Benefit statement, where the Family Income shown is more than the amount indicated on your previous statement.
    • A Notice of Reassessment from Canada Revenue Agency where the amount of income on line 236 is more than the amount of your previous assessment.

Changes to school

  • Receive a new school schedule
  • Enrol or change school locations

Changes to contact information

  • Move to a new home address
  • Get a new home/cell/business phone number
  • Change your email address
  • Changes to family composition

Change in your marital or living together status

  • Are expecting a child
  • Change your custody agreement or arrangement

If you are not sure of what changes need to be reported, contact your Caseworker or call 416-338-8888.

  • Contact your Caseworker by phone or email
  • Submit your information by fax, mail or in person
  • Update your file online (coming soon to My Child Care Account)

Important: When sending information always remember to include your client file number.

Within two (2) business days of submitting the new information, you will receive an email that confirms that the information has been received. If you do not receive this email, contact your caseworker. Please make sure that you provide your caseworker with your current email address to ensure that you receive email notifications.