To maintain your child care fee subsidy you must

  • Renew your fee subsidy annually
  • File your annual income tax return on time
  • Respond to all requests for information by the deadline
  • Report changes (examples include changes to your family, job, address, phone number)

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When your child is absent, contact the child care program directly to report the absence and the expected date of return.

Absent days include any day that your child is on vacation, sick or absent for any other reason. Statutory holidays or days that the child care program does not offer service are not considered absent days.

Each child is allowed to be absent for up to 35 days from January to December (or up to 18 days if admitted after July 1). Your child can only be absent for a maximum of 20 days in a row.

You are responsible for paying your assessed fee when your child is absent but if your child is absent more than the allowable number of absent days in the calendar year, you will be responsible for paying the full fee.

If your child has a documented extra support need or if there are extenuating circumstances, such as absences related to medical issues, you may request up to 50 absent days by contacting your caseworker. If your request is not approved, you will be responsible for paying the full fee if your child will be absent for more than the allowable days.

If there is no space in the child care program that you want to transfer to, we will put you on the waiting list and the centre will contact you when there is physical space available.

If you leave the child care program or transfer your child into a new program without following your centre’s policy, you may be asked to pay the full cost of care for up to five days.

Contact your school board to find out when kindergarten registration begins. Once you register, it’s important to let your school know whether you’ll need before-and after-school care for your child. Also, notify your caseworker so your child can be placed on the transfer list as soon as possible.


A family (parent/guardian or child) may be experiencing a significant crisis or challenge (such as a severe medical condition, mental health or addiction issue) that requires the child to be in a child care program to reduce stress on the family or to provide the child with additional supports.

Families requesting child care fee subsidy based on an extra support need should contact their caseworker to discuss the documentation required to help assess the need for child care and the duration of the child care placement.

Support for Your Child With Extra Support Needs

The City of Toronto believes that every child belongs. We recognize that there are families who may need additional support with their child care arrangements. Support is available and our staff can assist you at any time.

Required Documents

If you or your child have extra support needs, documentation must be provided by a professional in the health or social services field to determine the need and duration of a child care placement based on the extra support needs identified. You can provide a recent written referral/assessment or request an Extra Support Needs form from your caseworkers or by calling 416-338-8888.

When you receive a child care fee subsidy:

  • You are responsible for paying the child care program directly.
  • You must pay your fee for the days your child is absent from the program including vacation, illness, and all statutory holidays.
  • If you have questions about your fee or if you think the bill is not correct, contact your caseworker and child care program immediately.
  • You must pay your fees on time. You must pay all fees before withdrawing or transferring to another program.
  • If there is a change in your fee, you must pay the new fee.
  • If it is determined that you received a child care fee subsidy that you were not entitled to, you must repay the funds paid on your behalf.

If you become pregnant, your fee subsidy can continue for up to five weeks after the expected birth date of your baby. Your child can be readmitted into care on a priority basis up to 18 months from the birth of the baby provided that funding for fee subsidy is available and provided there is a physical space in the child care program.

If you will need child care for the new baby, you can get on the waiting list before your child is born, so apply early and tell us when your baby is born so we have up to date information.

Changing Jobs

If you change jobs you must provide your caseworker with the required documents that  relate to your new job.


If you become unemployed, you will continue to receive a child care fee subsidy for up to three months within a calendar year so you can look for a job. This gives you time to look for work and re-enter the workforce without disrupting your child care arrangements.


  • The T2125 Statement of Business or Professional Activities, Financial Statements or the Projected Statement of Business or Professional Activities (if newly self-employed or incorporated) will be used to support your declaration of self-employment and financial viability of the business.
  • To be eligible for Child Care Fee Subsidy, the business must be generating a minimum monthly gross income equal to minimum wage x 130 hours.
  • If your business does not generate the minimum gross monthly requirement, an exception may be made depending on the type of business.
  • If you already receive Child Care Fee Subsidy and we determine that your business is not meeting viability, you may be eligible for continued Child Care Fee Subsidy for up to three months while you look for work or register for school.

What happens if you plan to stay home during the summer?

You will only receive a fee subsidy for the time that you are in a full-time activity (e.g. full-time school, employment or job searching). For example, if you do not attend school during the summer, but will return in September, you will not receive a fee subsidy for your child/ren during the summer months when you are off.

Important – Be sure to discuss your plans for the summer with your caseworker, before your school/training ends so you are not caught unprepared.

You will need to provide verification of school registration for September at which time your child/ren will be placed back on the waitlist. Your child/ren will be considered for readmission on a priority basis, provided fee subsidy is available and there is a space available in the child care program.

What happens if I work full time during the summer months until the school year starts again?

As long as you are involved in full-time employment or school, you will be eligible for your fee subsidy. However, you will need to provide verification of full-time employment to your caseworker so your file can be updated.

What happens if I plan to look for work when I’m not in school?

You may be given up to three months of job search time in a calendar year. If you’re eligible for job search time but don’t find a job or return to school/training before your job search time expires, your child care fee subsidy will end. However, if you return to a school/training program or start a job within the next six months, you may be placed back on the child care fee subsidy waitlist with a priority for re-admission

Required Documents (both parents if applicable)

  • A letter from the school (i.e. high school, adult basic education) indicating the days and hours of classes each week, with the course start and completion dates. All school letters must be original.
  • University/College and/or Vocational students must include verification of full or part-time enrollment and school timetable verifying full or part-time enrollment.

Your family’s child care needs will change over time and your Caseworker will help you develop a child care plan to prepare for these changes.

Your Caseworker can help you to transfer to another child care program if

  • your child outgrows their current child care program
  • a physical space is not available in the next age group
  • your current child care program no longer meets your family’s needs.