Applying for housing or a housing subsidy can be confusing because there are different types of housing and many different housing providers with different eligibility criteria. It’s helpful to understand that access to most of the subsidized or rent-geared-to-income housing units in Toronto is managed through one centralized waiting list coordinated by Access to Housing. It is a good idea to submit an application here even if you apply elsewhere.

There are also waiting lists for supportive housing for people with:

Some housing providers don’t use any of these waiting lists, preferring to take applications directly.

All of the places you can submit a housing application are listed on the map below with different coloured push pins for different types of housing:

Purple Thumb Tack Aboriginal
Red Thumb Tack Adults, seniors and various groups
Green Thumb Tack Youth

Click on a push pin for the address, phone number, hours and other details.


See a map and list view of where to apply for subsidized housing.

If you would like more information about your housing options or need assistance filling out or updating a Access to Housing application, contact a Housing Help Centre.