The Etobicoke Hydro Corridor multi-use trail study site spans approximately two kilometres, running from Bethridge Road at Kipling Avenue to the West Humber Trail east of Albion Road. The City of Toronto is conducting a feasibility study to explore options to create a safe, enjoyable and useful transportation corridor for pedestrians and cyclists, with an emphasis on accessibility for all users.

The study includes a technical feasibility analysis and development of potential multi-use trail design options. Potential routes will be assessed for safety and user comfort, connectivity, environmental impact, construction and operating costs and alignment with existing City of Toronto plans and guidelines.

The study area is defined by the following boundaries: the Humber River at Albion Road to the north, the CN Rail Tracks at Kipling Avenue to the south and extends along the Hydro Corridor. This Hydro Corridor is approximately two (2) km in length.


Map of the Study Area for the Proposed Etobicoke Hydro Corridor Multi-use Trail, showing the existing Humber River Trail, and major streets such as Kipling Avenue, Rexdale Boulevard, and Islington Avenue


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  • Document existing conditions
  • Understand active transportation challenges and opportunities along the study corridor
  • Analyze challenging crossings of watercourses and arterial roadways
  • Consider opportunities to enhance natural environments as well as cultural and indigenous heritage resources
  • Engage key agencies and landowners (such as Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and pipeline companies in the hydro corridor)
  • Develop conceptual multi-use trail design options informed by technical feasibility and key agency and landowner input. The multi-use trail will be build in lands managed by Hydro One and is subject to their approvals
  • Prepare for next phases of work including public consultation, detailed design and implementation
  • In 2012, Council adopted the Bikeway Trails Implementation Plan, which identified the Etobicoke Hydro Corridor Trail as one of the 26 new bikeway trail projects for implementation
  • The Etobicoke Hydro Corridor Trail (Bethridge Road to West Humber Trail) was identified as a Near-Term Study for 2022 to 2024 in the Cycling Network Near Term Plan (2022-2024)
  • Kipling Avenue, from Finch Avenue West to Eglinton Avenue West, is designated as a potential Major City-Wide Cycling Route adjacent to the proposed Hydro Corridor Multi-Use Trail and is planned for study in the near term
  • Once fully complete, the Etobicoke Hydro Corridor Trail will establish a vital connection between potential bikeways on Kipling Avenue and the existing, extensive West Humber Trail, spanning approximately 19 km.

Stage 1 – 2023-2024

Stage 1 involves development of the feasibility study and functional design options. This stage includes initial engagement with key agencies and landowners. The feasibility study and preliminary design options will be completed mid-2024.

Stage 2 – 2024-2025 and beyond

Once the study is complete, the City will confirm the preferred multi-use trail design option and develop detailed designs. This will be informed by what was found in Stage 1 and will include additional engagement with interested parties and public consultation. Implementation is also dependent on agency approvals, construction capacity and resources, and capital infrastructure coordination.

More information about Stage 2 (including opportunities to participate in public consultation) will be shared on this page when ready.

Stay Informed

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