Study Description
Albion Sanitary Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Study The Albion Sanitary Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Municipal Class EA study was revised in 2018, which recommended solutions to address corrosion problems and low flow conditions in the Albion STS and to provide for long-term sanitary servicing needs in the study area.
Algonquin Island Bridge Environmental Assessment This study investigated options for major repairs or possible replacement of the Algonquin Island Bridge in order to ensure that a link between Algonquin and Ward’s Island is maintained and accessible for all users.
Baby Point Forcemain & Pumping Station Study The City of Toronto has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to explore opportunities to improve reliability of an aging forcemain (sewer) that serves the Baby Point Wastewater Pumping Station.
Basement Flooding Investigation Environmental Assessment Studies The City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Program (BFPP) is a multi-year program that is helping to reduce the risk of future flooding by making improvements to the City’s sewer system and overland drainage routes.
Bike Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park The City of Toronto is planning to install bike routes in Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park. The new facilities will improve accessibility and safety, and create new ways for cyclists to travel around the area, and connect to local trails and public transit.
Black Creek Drainage Improvement Study An Environmental Assessment (EA) study is underway to identify problems and assess sanitary servicing needs of the Black Creek Sanitary Drainage Area and capacity of the Black Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer.
Bloor Street East Streetscape Improvements The City of Toronto is planning improvements to the Bloor Street East streetscape from St. Paul’s Square to Parliament Street.
Casa Loma – Transportation Management Mitigation Plan The City of Toronto is undertaking a Transportation Management and Mitigation Plan (TMMP) to evaluate potential traffic management improvements in the Casa Loma neighbourhood, due to the growing popularity of special events at Casa Loma and the associated traffic and parking demands.
Conlins Bike Lane Upgrade The City of Toronto is planning to upgrade the existing bike lanes on Conlins Road between Ellesmere Road to Sheppard Avenue East to cycle tracks. This work would be done as part of already scheduled road resurfacing on Conlins Road later this year.
Coxwell Sanitary Trunk Sewer Odour Control Study The City of Toronto has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to find a long-term solution to sewer odours from the Coxwell Sanitary Trunk Sewer (STS). The Coxwell STS is located beneath Coxwell Avenue and Rhodes Avenue, carrying sewage to the Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Deauville Intersections Vision Zero improvements are being designed for two intersections: Deauville Lane & St. Dennis Drive and Deauville Lane & Grenoble Drive.
Downsview Area Major Roads Class Environmental Assessment The City of Toronto is approaching completion of a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study to refine the design of the new roads previously approved in the Downsview Secondary Plan Area.
Downsview Water Service Improvement Study The City of Toronto has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to provide for long term water servicing of the Downsview Area.
Downtown Construction Projects The City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission are completing various construction projects throughout downtown Toronto this spring, summer and fall. These projects are part of the Council – approved 2017 Capital Works Program to renew our aging infrastructure.
Dufferin Organics Processing Facilty The Dufferin Organics Processing Facility located at 35 and 75 Vanley Crescent, includes a Green Bin Processing Facility. This facility is currently designed to process 25,000 tonnes of organic materials from Toronto’s Green Bin Program. The solid organic material that is produced at this facility is sent for further refinement into finished compost.Plans are underway to expand the facility’s processing capacity to a total of 55,000 tonnes per year. Construction is expected to begin 2016 and be completed by 2018.
Dundas Street West Watermain Replacement & Road Resurfacing The City of Toronto will replace the watermain and City-owned substandard water services on Dundas Street West between Spadina Avenue and Bay Street.
East Don Trail Environmental Assessment The City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) are constructing a new multi-use trail to connect the existing East Don Trail, Gatineau Corridor Trail, and the Don Trail System.
Eglinton Connects Streetscape & Cycle Track Preliminary Design The Eglinton Connects Streetscape and Cycle Track Preliminary Design was initiated in late 2017. The current scope of the project has two components which include the preliminary design of the streetscape and cycle track.
Emery Creek Stormwater Management Ponds The City of Toronto began construction of stormwater management ponds and wetlands in the Emery Creek Hydro Corridor in winter 2016. The main function of these ponds/wetlands is to improve water quality in Emery Creek and Humber River. This project is part of the City Council-approved 2016 Capital Works Program.
Emery Village Link 2A Environmental Assessment The City is planning a new road in the Emery Village neighbourhood to connect Toryork Drive with Finch Avenue West.
Emery Village Transportation Master Plan The City has developed a long range plan that identifies the required transportation infrastructure to support existing and future development in Emery Village. This plan was completed in May, 2009.
Etobicoke Creek North Trail The City of Toronto in partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority(TRCA) is constructing a new 1.1km long multi-use trail south of Eglinton Avenue West and parallel to the Etobicoke Creek.
Fairbank Silverthorn Trunk Storm Sewer System The City of Toronto is planning to construct a new storm trunk sewer system in the Fairbank-Silverthorn area. This new sewer system was recommended by the Investigation of Chronic Basement Flooding – Study Area 3 Environmental Assessment, completed in 2010.
Finch Corridor Trail – Birchmount Road to Pharmacy Avenue The City of Toronto is planning to build a multi-use trail along the Finch Hydro Corridor from Birchmount Road to Pharmacy Avenue in Summer/Fall 2018. This trail connection will run 1.6 km within the hydro corridor on the south side of McNicoll Avenue
Finch West Goods Movement Study The City is looking at ways to improve commercial shipping and freight transportation in the Finch West area of Toronto, in part because of the new Finch West LRT.
Gatineau Corridor Trail The City of Toronto is proposing to extend the Gatineau Hydro Corridor Trail from Victoria Park Avenue to Eglinton Avenue East with a possible extension in the future westward to Bermondsey Road.
Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge and Tunnel Study Replacement of the existing pedestrian bridge and tunnel located between Bloor Street East and South Rosedale.
Highland Creek Village Transportation Master Plan The City of Toronto is studying a series of transportation projects, initiatives and polices to support the vision of the recently completed Highland Creek Village Area Study and re-development of the Highland Creek Village area. The mobility needs of local residents, employees, businesses and all road users will be considered.
Hogg’s Hollow Road and Stormwater Management Improvements The City is currently reconstructing local streets throughout the Hogg’s Hollow neighbourhood. Phase 4 of a multi-phase project began in March 2015. Phase 4 work included reconstruction of streets, installation of storm sewers, curb and gutter and the replacement of the public portion of any substandard water services.
Humber Creek – Erosion Control & Creek Restoration The City of Toronto has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Master Plan to identify solutions to reduce erosion, restore and rehabilitate, and protect City sewer infrastructure in Chapman Valley.
John Street Corridor Improvements The City of Toronto is working to transform John Street into a “cultural corridor” by redesigning the streetscape between Front Street and Stephanie Street.
Kennedy and Claremore New Watermain The City of Toronto completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) in 2008 to determine a preferred route for the construction of a new 1050 mm diameter watermain to support the existing watermain along this route, reinforce the supply of water, increase the security of the water supply, and improve the overall system hydraulic performance.
King-Liberty Pedestrian Cycle Bridge The City of Toronto is in the final stages of detailed design for the new pedestrian / cycling bridge to be constructed over the Metrolinx Union Station Rail Corridor, from Douro Street to the western leg of Western Battery Road.
Lake Shore Cycle Track The City of Toronto is planning a 1.4km cycle track along Lake Shore Boulevard West from Norris Crescent to First Street, west of Mimico Waterfront Park in Etobicoke, Ward 6. The new cycle track will provide a safe connection for cyclists, and will close a gap in the Waterfront Trail.
Lawrence Avenue East Bike Lanes The City of Toronto is proposing to install eastbound and westbound bike lanes on Lawrence Avenue East between Port Union Road and Rouge Hills Drive.
Lawrence Park Neighbourhood Road and Stormwater Management Study The City of Toronto is studying different ways to address deteriorating road conditions, traffic problems, pedestrian safety, road drainage problems and basement flooding in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood.
Leslieville Traffic Management & Mitigation Study The City is undertaking a Traffic Management and Mitigation Study within the Leslieville Community. The objective of this study is to identify the key congestion areas and propose innovative short and long-term projects to mitigate transportation issues.
Liberty Village New Street Environmental Assessment The City of Toronto has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) that has recommended the construction of a new east-west road extending between Dufferin Street and Strachan Avenue in Liberty Village. The new road would be located on the north side of the GO Transit Lake Shore West rail corridor.
Lower Simcoe Flood Protection Study The purpose of the study is to address flooding issues at the Lower Simcoe Street Underpass, from Front Street to the Lake Ontario Shoreline.
Military Trail Road Reconstruction The City is reconstructing Military Trail from Ellesmere Road to Highcastle Road. The road reconstruction will include construction of a sidewalk on the west side and a reduction in the speed limit from 50km/hr to 30km/hr.
New Street Between Rean Drive & Kenaston Gardens Study The City of Toronto has completed a study to determine the preferred location and design for a new east-west street between Rean Drive and Kenaston Gardens located southeast of the Bayview Avenue and Sheppard Avenue East intersection.
North York Centre South Service Road The need for completion of the North York Centre Service Road south of Sheppard Avenue was first established in 1996. After several revised plans the City is now proposing the following: (1) a single intersection linking Doris Avenue to Tradewind Avenue, (2) the road would bisect the green space north of Sheppard Avenue and (3)Bonnington Place would be converted to a cul-de-sac north of Lyndale Drive.
Oakwood Neighbourhood Cycling Connections The City of Toronto is proposing to install cycling infrastructure in the Oakwood neighbourhood.
Overnight On-Street Permit Parking Consultation On October 17, 2017, the Toronto & East York Community Council adopted motion TE 27.49 directing staff to: “Solicit feedback from residents in 2018 on the proposal for potential policy changes and/or by-law amendments required to implement Residential On-Street Permit Parking on streets that do not have permit parking in Toronto and East York District”
Park Lawn Lakeshore Transportation Master Plan The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) will provide the first step in a multi-year process to evaluate solutions to create more transportation options in the Park Lawn Lake Shore area.
Passmore Avenue Environmental Assessment The City of Toronto has conducted a study to identify how to improve traffic operations and road conditions on Passmore Avenue between Markham Road and approximately 450 metres west of the intersection.
Peel Avenue & Gladstone Avenue Road Reconstruction The City of Toronto is working on the design details to improve mobility options on Gladstone Avenue and Peel Avenue, including pedestrian improvements, vehicular traffic changes, cycling improvements, parking changes and sustainability/green street features.
Port Union Road The City of Toronto will be widening Port Union Road from Lawrence Avenue East to Island Road.
Regal Road – Springmount Avenue Intersection The City implemented a pilot project in June 2018 at the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Avenue. Staff have incorporated feedback received into new design options for the intersection.
REimagining Yonge Street Environmental Assessment  Yonge Street is the central corridor within North York Centre, one of four mixed-use and transit accessible centres identified in the Official Plan where jobs, housing, and services will be concentrated.
Riverside Drive Reconstruction The City of Toronto is reconstructing Riverside Drive from South Kingsway to Brule Gardens, and resurfacing Riverside Crescent, to bring the streets to a state of good repair.
Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation The City of Toronto will be carrying out waterproofing and structure rehabilitation work on the Rosehill Reservoir at David Balfour Park.
Scarlett Road Bridge In 2008, the City completed a study to address the safety and traffic operations in the area around the Scarlett Road Bridge. The study recommended making changes to the bridge and surroundings roads in order to improve the road capacity and reduce congestion.
Scott Street Pumping Station The City of Toronto is looking at ways to remove sources of clear water (groundwater and stormwater) that enter sanitary sewers, which can cause sewer capacity concerns and potential overflows into the lake.
Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration Following more than 10 years of planning, consultation, engineering, and design, the City of Toronto began construction to reconfigure the Six Points intersection in March 2017.
St. Clair Avenue West Area Transportation Master Plan The City of Toronto is examining potential solutions to improve transportation options in the area around St. Clair Avenue West between Keele Street and Old Weston Road.
St. Clair Reservoir The City of Toronto will be carrying out waterproofing and structure rehabilitation work to the St. Clair Reservoir at Sir Winston Churchill Park. These necessary upgrades will help to ensure the structural integrity of the reservoir, extend its service life and bring the infrastructure to a state of good repair.
Steeles Avenue East Bridge Environmental Assessment The purpose of the EA was to evaluate alternatives to address the increasing need to build a bridge (road over rail or road under rail) in order to improve traffic congestion, safety, access and connections for all road users on Steeles Avenue East between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue.
Steeles Avenue Widening and Morningside Avenue Extention The City of Toronto is beginning to develop detailed engineering designs for a 1.5 km widening of Steeles Avenue East from Tapscott Road easterly to Ninth Line and the extension of Morningside Avenue to Steeles Avenue.
Thorncrest Village Neighbourhood Improvements Over the next few years, the City will be undertaking a number of projects in Thorncrest Village.
Unwin Avenue Connection – Martin Goodman Trail The Martin Goodman Trail (MGT) is part of a larger network of over 300 km of trails within the City of Toronto. The Unwin Avenue section of the MGT will fill in a missing link to complete a 20+ km trail along Toronto’s waterfront from the western to the eastern beaches.
Waterfront Sanitary Servicing Master Plan In 2012, the City of Toronto completed the Waterfront Sanitary Servicing Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment (EA), which identified a preferred strategy to provide sanitary servicing for development along Toronto’s central waterfront to 2031.
West Toronto Railpath Extension In 2001, City Council adopted the Toronto Bike Plan which set out short and long-term goals for on and off-street cycling infrastructure. The Toronto Bike Plan identified an off-road trail connection along the Georgetown GO Transit rail corridor from north of Dupont Street to Strachan Avenue.
Willowdale Ave. Reconstruction & Proposed Bike Lane from Bishop Ave. to Empress Ave. This summer and fall, the City will be reconstructing Willowdale Avenue from Finch Avenue East to Empress Avenue and is proposing to instal a new bike lane from Bishop Avenue to Empress Avenue.
Yonge TOmorrow This study will develop and review design options intended to improve streetscaping and increase pedestrian space, along with other possibilities to improve the way people move through and enjoy Yonge Street between Queen Street and College/Carlton Street.
YorkU and Downsview Cycling Connections The City is improving cycling infrastructure near the York University Keele Campus and in the Downsview Neighbourhood. This will provide bike connections to Downsview Park, the Black Creek Ravine system and major transit stops and stations on TTC Line 1 (expected completion end of 2017) and Finch LRT (expected completion 2021).