The City of Toronto is consulting with water customers and stakeholders on the possible implementation of a water service charge and a stormwater charge and credits program. Both of these charges would impact the rate that customers pay for their water.

The potential changes support the City’s efforts to manage the impacts of stormwater such as basement flooding and poor water quality in local waterways, and tackle climate change and build resiliency, while ensuring the financial sustainability of Toronto Water’s infrastructure programs and projects.

In July 2021, City Council authorized Toronto Water, the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer to consult with water users and stakeholders on possible changes to water rates, fees and charges, including the possible implementation of:

  • An administrative water charge (or water service charge). This charge would recover fixed costs for water and sewer services, which are currently embedded in the water rate but do not vary based on water use.
  • A stormwater charge for all property classes, based on a review of the stormwater charge implementation plan considered by City Council in 2017. This charge would be dedicated to funding the City’s stormwater management program and would be based on the hard surface (impervious area) on private property.
  • A stormwater charge credits program for large properties. This program would provide a discount on a stormwater charge to eligible property owners that implement improved stormwater management practices.

The City will be seeking feedback from the public and stakeholders on the benefits, challenges, and considerations for the possible implementation of a water service charge, and stormwater charge and credits program.

Preliminary stakeholder engagement took place in fall 2022. Broader city-wide public consultation is expected in 2023.