The City is initiating the Danforth-Kingston Complete Street Extension project to make travel on Danforth Avenue and Kingston Road safer, more inviting, and attractive for everyone.

Complete streets are designed to consider the needs of all users, such as people who walk, bicycle, take transit or drive, and people of all ages and abilities. The project proposes to implement complete street features on Danforth Avenue (Victoria Park Avenue to Kingston Road) and Kingston Road (Danforth Avenue to Scarborough Golf Club Road). This includes changing the layout of the existing road space to accommodate vehicular traffic, transit, parking, bikeways and other safety improvement features.

Map of proposed Danforth-Kingston Complete Street Extension, in addition to the existing Destination Danforth Complete Street and Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

The Danforth-Kingston Complete Street Extension project aims to host public consultation activities in early 2024, following the by-election in Ward 20, Scarborough Southwest.

Public consultation provides residents and business with opportunities to learn more and provide feedback on potential changes to the Danforth Ave and Kingston Road.  Public feedback, along with technical considerations, City policies and guidelines will be considered in decisions to be made by staff and City Council.

The City Council-approved Cycling Network Plan is a comprehensive roadmap and work plan that outlines the City’s planned investment in our cycling network. It includes a Long-Term Cycling Network Vision, the planned Major City-Wide Cycling Network Routes, and a three-year rolling Near-Term Implementation Program.

The aim of the Cycling Network Plan is to connect gaps in Toronto’s current cycling network by growing existing and future cycling opportunities with safer and more comfortable cycling route options where quality can be improved.

This project is part of the Bloor-Danforth-Kingston corridor, which is identified as a Major City-Wide Cycling Route in the Plan.

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