The City of Toronto is carrying out waterproofing and structure rehabilitation work on the Richview Reservoir at Richview Park. These necessary upgrades will help to ensure the structural integrity of the reservoir, extend its service life and bring the reservoir to a state of good repair. This work is expected to be completed in December 2024.

A portion of the west parking lot and the entire south parking lot will be closed for the duration of the project.

Construction Process

There are two large basins that store drinking water in this reservoir, a North and South Basin. Each basin will be rehabilitated separately and will include work both inside and on the basin’s exterior. While one basin is being rehabilitated, the other basin will continue operating. The following key activities will take place during the rehabilitation:

  1. Drain the water inside the basin and remove the park fixtures, trees and soil on the exterior. Store most of the soil in the parking lots areas.
  2. Assess the walls, ceilings, ground and columns for damage inside the reservoir and remove the existing waterproofing membrane from the roof of the reservoir
  3. Carry out repairs inside the reservoir and any cracks on the reservoir’s exterior or roof and apply new waterproofing membrane
  4. Fill reservoir back up with drinking water for operations
  5. When both the North and South Basins are completed, laying soil, grass and park fixtures will take place

Upgrades and repairs to additional reservoir facilities such as the pumping station, valve house, storm water sewer, underground chambers, electrical and mechanical upgrades, for new valves and new standby generator will be done. The underground drain around the northern perimeter of the North Basin will be rehabilitated as well.

Inside a reservoir basin
Inside a reservoir basin
Removing the waterproofing membrane from a reservoir
Removing the waterproofing membrane from a reservoir
Removing old large valves from a reservoir
Removing old large valves from a reservoir
Constructing a new underground chamber
Constructing a new underground chamber
The waterproofing membrane on top of a reservoir has many layers
The waterproofing membrane on top of a reservoir has many layers

Construction Schedule

  • Work will start on the North Basin from Fall 2021
  • The South Basin work will start in Fall 2022
  • Site Restoration will take place in Fall 2023

Site restoration, such as laying soil, grass, installing park fixtures, and planting trees, is weather dependent and expected to take 6 months after the reservoir rehabilitation is completed.

Construction Work Hours & Weather

Work hours follow City bylaw and will start 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday to Friday. Any weekend or evening hours may be required to stay on schedule and will provide advance notice to project email contact list. Work to rehabilitate the exterior of the reservoir is dependent on weather, especially for activities on the waterproofing membrane and repairing any cracks or damage.

Similar to other reservoir rehabilitation projects, the schedule will be closely followed in order to determine if additional work hours are required in order to recoup any time lost due to weather and stay on track to complete the project in December 2024.

Park Access During Construction

Public access to the remaining park spaces can be accessed by the nearby streets. Parks will continue to issue permits for the remaining soccer fields.

Impacts to Park Trees

Tree Protection Zones. Fence surrounds trees.
Tree Protection Zones

Approximately 387 trees are required to be removed from the active work zone, on top of the reservoir basin and the slopes. About 18 trees will be monitored for minimal injury and 34 trees will have Tree Protection Zones.

No new trees will be replanted on top or on the slopes of the reservoir to prevent tree roots from potentially impacting the waterproofing membrane. About 95 trees and 355 shrubs will be replanted and a total of $381,000 will be provided to Parks to plant additional trees in other nearby parks.

October 2021

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July 2020

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April 2021

View the Site Clearing/Tree Removal Notice

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Map of work site for the Richview Reservoir rehabilitation
Map of work site for the Richview Reservoir rehabilitation

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