November 2020 Update: City staff will be presenting recommendations for this study to the Infrastructure & Environment Committee (IEC) at the December 1, 2020 meeting. A copy of the staff report is available under IEC agenda item IE 18.2. Interested members of the public can arrange to speak or submit comments to the Committee.

The North York Centre Service Roads – comprised of Doris Avenue and Beecroft Road – form a ring road around the North York Centre, east and west of Yonge Street.

The Service Roads serve several purposes, including:

  • Connecting North York Centre with a finer grained transportation network in order to better manage traffic flow along Yonge Street and other alternate routes;
  • Providing convenient rear access to residential, retail, and office buildings on Yonge Street; and
  • Forming a boundary for the high-rise development within North York Centre in relation to the adjacent stable residential neighbourhoods.

The completion of the southeastern portion of the Service Road that would link Doris Avenue and Tradewind Avenue across Sheppard Avenue and east of Yonge Street was first studied in detail in a 1996 Environmental Assessment (EA), followed by an EA Addendum in 1998. In 2013, the study was reopened to address important changes in the study area, including extensive high-rise development in North York Centre.

In the intervening period, various options for connecting Doris Avenue and Tradewind Avenue across Sheppard Avenue have been re-assessed (and presented to both Council and the public) with the objective of improving traffic flow to better accommodate growth in North York Centre and mitigating impacts to private property.

As a result of the review that has been undertaken, this EA Addendum recommends a two phased approach as follows:

Phase 1 – Interim: Offset Intersection

Offset intersection

  • Tradewind Avenue would be extended up to Sheppard Avenue East.
  • This would result in an offset intersection at Tradewind Avenue / Sheppard Avenue East and Doris Avenue / Sheppard Avenue.
  • Traffic signal phasing would be coordinated at the offset intersection to optimize traffic flow.
  • Bonnington Place would be closed off in a cul-de-sac south of Sheppard Avenue East, as proposed in the 1998 EA.
  • This was identified as Option C in the Environmental Assessment process, and would complete a portion of the future condition intersection, south of Sheppard Avenue.

Phase 2 – Future: Single Intersection*

single four-legged intersection, with a skew on the north-east quadrant

  • Doris Avenue would be realigned approaching Sheppard Avenue East to meet the northern extension of Tradewind Avenue.
  • This would result in a single four-legged intersection, with a skew on the north-east quadrant.
  • This is a revised version of Option B identified in the Environmental Assessment process

*This final design is a modification following the February 2020 public consultation. Staff refined the Future condition to achieve the following:

  • minimize impact on the Privately Owned Publicly Accessible (POPS) green space north of Sheppard Avenue; and
  • avoid impact to the underground parking structure at 45-47 Sheppard Avenue East.

This refinement replaces the cul-de-sac on Bonnington Place with a right-out connection to Sheppard Avenue East, subject to detailed design.

Both phases will protect for a four-lane street south of Sheppard Avenue, with two lanes in each direction, sidewalks on both sides of the road and a wider boulevard where feasible.

Implementation Schedule and Next Steps

Should this item be adopted by IEC, and City Council (December 16-17, 2020), the implementation schedule is as follows:

  • Complete Environmental Study Report and 30 day Public Review Period: Q2 2021
  • Detailed Design: 2021 – 2023
  • Phase 1 Construction: 2023 – 2024

The timing of implementation for Phase 2 has yet to be determined and would be subject to completion of detailed design to minimize impacts where possible, and acquisition of required property.

A map of the study area north along Ellerslie Avenue, south to Highway 401, west to Beecroft Road and east to Doris Avenue
North York Centre South map with Service Road under review
A map of the 1988 Service Road Plan along Tradewind Avenue
1998 Service Road Plan – Currently Under Review


In June 2014, City Council directed staff to refine Option B to address any deficiencies and then reassess all Options, with priority given to the traffic capacity and operations at the Service Road and Sheppard Avenue East intersection.

Following updated modelling analysis, which also accounted for REimagining Yonge recommendations, Staff determined a single intersection would provide the most improvement for traffic flow in the North York Centre. Although the single intersection is proposed as the future condition, Staff also determined that the interim condition would also improve the overall performance of the future network when compared to the Future Do Nothing Scenario, and could be implemented sooner, at less cost, and with less impact to private property.

Spring 2020 Public Consultation

From February 14 to March 5, 2020, the project team invited the public to review the updated plans for the new road and provide feedback online. A public drop-in event was also hosted on February 27, 2020.

The project team received 41 completed feedback forms, with responses recording majority support for the two-phased plan as presented.

2015 Public Materials

2015 Detailed Technical Drawings of the Options

2014 Public Consultation Materials

1996-98 Downtown Plan South of Sheppard Avenue Reports

The official title of this study is the North York Centre South Service Road Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Addendum.

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