The City of Toronto is completing road reconstruction and replacing the City-owned portion of substandard water service connections on Port Union Road from Island Road to Lawrence Avenue East. Improvements being made as part of this work include widening Port Union Road to create a new northbound vehicle lane, installation of raised cycle tracks and continuous sidewalks on both sides of the street.

To improve road safety, new centre-lanes will be placed at select locations, and curb extensions with raised pedestrian crossings will be added at side streets.  Once complete, these changes will improve conditions for people walking, cycling and driving, and will help to better manage traffic flow.

March 2024

December 2023

June 2023

June 2023

  • A virtual Public Information Meeting was held on June 28, 2023 to present an update and provide an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming construction.  View the Presentation for details.


The construction area, illustrated below, is Port Union Road from Lawrence Avenue East to Island Road.

Study area is along Sheppard Avenue East from Island Rd to Lawrence Avenue East


Vehicular Traffic Improvements

  • Widening of Port Union Road to allow a new northbound lane
  • Centre-turn lanes and narrower lane widths to improve road safety
  • New asphalt on the roadway
  • Traffic signal updates
  • Speed limit reduction to 50km/hr

Cycling Improvements

  • Raised cycle tracks on both sides of the street

Pedestrian Improvements

  • New and wider sidewalks on both sides of the street
  • Accessible pedestrian crossings with tactile plates
  • Raised crosswalks and corner radii reductions to improve pedestrian safety
  • Formal bus stops with shelters integrated with the design of cycle tracks

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Updated street lighting and hydro poles
  • Replacement of the watermain, if required
  • Upgraded water service connections and stormwater drainage

For further details on the improvements, please see November 2021 Public Information presentation and the roll plan for property specific details.

Timing and Schedule

The project is expected to take from July 2023 to December 2024.

Work Hours

Work will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, with work after hours and on weekends as required.


The contractor is responsible to minimize construction related noise.  Higher levels of noise can be anticipated during concrete breaking work.


The contractor is responsible for minimizing dust in the work zone.


The City has been working with businesses and property management representatives to accommodate delivery and loading activities during construction.  If you have not yet discussed your delivery needs with the project team, please contact the staff person listed on this web page as soon as possible.

Accessibility Accommodation

The City’s contractor must ensure safe and accessible walkways and entryways are maintained for everyone during construction.  Any temporary access disruptions will be communicated as soon as possible.  If you experience a disruption, have a specific access need or related accommodation request, contact the person listed on this web page.

If travelling in the area, please be aware:

  • Traffic on Port Union Road will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction only within the work zone
  • Pedestrian access along Port Union Road will be maintained throughout construction

TTC Service Impacts

  • TTC bus routes will continue to operate during construction
  • Bus stops may be temporarily relocated, if required
  • Visit for further updates on service

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for this project was approved in 2004. A subsequent EA Addendum (update) was completed in 2014, approved in 2015 and made changes to the original study design in order to reduce property and community impacts.

Original Environmental Study Report (2004)

This Environmental Assessment Study identified a preferred design which included:

  • An additional northbound lane on Port Union Road from Lawrence Avenue East to Island Road
  • A continuous centre left-turn lane on Port Union Road from Winter Gardens Trail to Island Road
  • A landscaped centre median on Port Union Road from Lawrence Avenue East to Winter Gardens Trail
  • Bicycle lanes on both sides of the road from Lawrence Avenue East to Island Road
  • Additional turn lanes at the intersection of Kingston Road and Port Union Road
  • Complete sidewalks on both sides of Port Union Road

Environmental Assessment Addendum (2014)

The Addendum (update) to the 2004 ESR was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) in August 2015.

In consultation with the community as directed by City Council in 2004, the preferred design was modified to reduce property and other impacts to the community, and to meet current City standards and practices. The updated preferred design provides the same level of service as the original design, but includes the following changes:

  • Length of landscaped median reduced (now between Lawrence Avenue East and Clappison Boulevard only)
  • Section of centre left-turn lane removed south of Josaly Drive
  • Private property no longer required
  • Bike lanes widened from 1.5 metres to 1.8 metres

To view the Environmental Assessment Addendum Report, contact Nathalie Forde at 416-392-3556 or

Field Investigations (2017)

The City conducted field investigations including a survey of the area and analysis of soil samples in various locations along Port Union Road to confirm ground conditions. Based on the results, the City is developing the project design.

Detailed Design (2017 – 2021)

The City completed the detailed design, utility relocations and secured easements. In the summer of 2021, the detailed design was updated to accommodate additional safety improvements including a raised cycle track, curb extensions with reduced corner radii, setback raised pedestrian crossings and speed limit reduction to 50km per hour.

Additional Road Safety Measures

In addition, several improvements are included in the design for the project that have the potential to reduce traffic speeds and infiltration into residential areas, including Tilly Drive, and improve visibility of pedestrians and cyclists.  These improvements include:

  • New raised pedestrian crossings, setback from Port Union Road;
  • Reduced curb radii; and
  • Curb extensions

Project Update Meeting (2021)

A Virtual Project Update Meeting was held on November 30, 2021.  Please see Port Union Road Virtual Public Information Event presentation and the Port Union Road roll plan for property specific details.


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