The City of Toronto is studying Avenue Road, between Bloor Street West and St. Clair Avenue West, to find opportunities to improve the street with emphasis on safety, mobility choices, and enhancing streetscape. Streets are places where everyone should feel safe, comfortable and connected.

The Avenue Road Study will look at options for using the space available to best serve all road users. The study will take into consideration the impact of potential changes on the city-wide road network and adjacent local streets.

Throughout the study and in consultation with the community, the City will determine what changes can be implemented in the short to medium term, in advance of full reconstruction of the road.

With full reconstruction of Avenue Road currently forecasted to take place more than ten years from now, implementing short to medium term improvements will allow the City to monitor change and help inform a future study to determine major, permanent design changes.

The study area is Avenue Road from Bloor Street on the south to St. Clair Avenue West on the north.

Map of study area Avenue Road from Bloor Street on the south to St. Clair Avenue West on the north.

Potential Changes

A range of options will be considered to improve safety, mobility choices and streetscape on Avenue Road. Changes could include:

  • Increased pedestrian space
  • Reduced speed limits and/or number of motor vehicle lanes
  • New cycling facilities and/or improved wayfinding to alternative routes
  • Improved connections to adjacent public spaces and key local destinations
  • New street furniture, green infrastructure and patios
  • Modifications to on-street pick up and drop off areas and short term parking
  • Other ideas and suggestions arising from the study

The participation of road users, local community members and other stakeholders in the study is essential to identifying appropriate and effective improvements for Avenue Road.

Phase One

Review existing conditions and identify concerns and priorities

Phase 1 of public consultation is now complete. The purpose of Phase 1 was to verify concerns and priorities previously raised for Avenue Road from St Clair Avenue to Bloor Street, and to identify concerns and priorities not previously captured. Phase 1 involved gathering public input for the study area through an online survey. Responses from the survey will inform the development of potential improvement options for Avenue Road that best serve all road users with the space available. The Phase 1 Public Consultation Report summarizes public feedback received May 9 – May 29, 2022.

What We Heard

The most common concerns identified by survey respondents are the high speed of traffic, insufficient space on sidewalks, lack of bikeways, and the insufficient buffer space between pedestrians and vehicles, indicating an overall concern for safety.  The most frequently identified changes that survey respondents would like to see are increased sidewalk widths, reduced vehicle speed limits, and the introduction of cycling facilities.

Other frequently mentioned concerns and priorities for the corridor include noise levels related to speeding, the need to maintain traffic flow to and from the downtown core, and concerns about impacts to the corridor and the neighbourhood if changes are implemented on both Avenue Road and Yonge Street.

Phase Two

Share options for future vision, and potential for improvements
  • Winter 2023

Phase 2 of public consultation involves a review of potential design options for Avenue Road. All potential improvements will be assessed through an in-depth evaluation process that considers the extent to which each solution addresses study concerns, advances the City’s goals and policies, and the impacts of changes to the neighbourhood and the road network.
In Phase 2 the public will have an opportunity to learn about and provide feedback on the potential improvement options through a public event and an online survey. This phase has been rescheduled to winter 2023 to enable more thorough consideration of input gathered in Phase 1.

Phase Three

Present future vision and gather feedback on short- medium term implementation
  • Spring 2023

During Phase 3, a long-term vision for Avenue Road will be shared along with proposed short to medium term improvements. To get involved, visit the study website for project information and updates, and register to receive project emails.

If you are interested in being notified of public consultation activities related to the Avenue Road Study, register to receive email updates on project milestones and opportunities to get involved.


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