The Mimico Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP) will identify, prioritize and recommend short and long-term improvements to traffic operations and road design to support road safety for all modes of transportation including vulnerable road users (e.g. seniors, school children, people walking and cycling) in the Mimico study area.

The following areas of concern will be addressed:

  • traffic fatalities
  • cut-through traffic and excessive vehicular volume on local roads
  • excessive speeding on local roads
  • non-compliance with traffic regulations and signage
  • road and intersection designs that raise safety concerns

Next Public Event

The next round of public engagement will take place fall 2023 when the City will present a plan for neighbourhood street improvements. Local stakeholders and residents will have an opportunity to comment on the proposal and provide feedback before a final set of recommendations is established.

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The Mimico Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP) project area is located between Royal York Road to the west, Cavell Avenue/Burlington Street/Victoria Street to the north, Louisa Street to the east, and Lake Shore Boulevard West to the south. The area also includes Judson Street/Royal York Road intersection and the Newcastle Street /Royal York Road intersection, and will take into account dynamics from a broader context of project area between Royal York Road to the west, Cavell Avenue/Burlington Street/Victoria Street to the north, Louisa Street to the east, and Lake Shore Boulevard West to the south.

Council Decisions

 Project Description

To date, there have been requests for traffic calming service requests, stop signs, roundabouts, speed reductions and safety assessments. Automated Speed Enforcement results also show high rate of violations.

As part of the evaluation, the City has retained a consultant to conduct an In-Service Road Safety Review (ISSR) of the study area. Using site visits, collision history, traffic counts and other data, this review will identify and prioritize safety issues across the neighbourhoods and options to address them.

What is a Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP)?

In 2018 Etobicoke York Community Council directed City staff to work with the community to develop a comprehensive plan to address community concerns. City staff will use a holistic approach to assess and manage traffic issues within the neighbourhood. The NMP will consider all modes of transportation, with an emphasis on improving conditions for vulnerable road users.

Historically, traffic management issues have been addressed by making changes only to a particular street or intersection. Instead of making one isolated change, a NMP employs a broader, neighbourhood perspective to develop integrated solutions that, together, support local objectives for mobility. Through an NMP approach, the City works with local communities and neighbourhoods to identify short-term improvements that can be implemented in one to five years, as well as a longer-term vision for projects over five years into the future.

Study Process

The participation of local residents and stakeholders is essential to identifying appropriate and effective traffic, speeding and road safety improvements for the neighbourhood.

Following the first Virtual Public Meeting, the NMP process will continue, which involves identifying and implementing ‘quick win’ improvements supported by the community. Long-term improvements will be proposed at a second public meeting for feedback. Once completed, a final Mimico Mobility Plan (two to ten year implementation) will be shared on this project web page.

Virtual Public Meeting 1

The City hosted a virtual public meeting on June 14, 2022, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Members of the public were invited to provide feedback and ask questions. Public consultation was conducted online, by phone and by mail. The meeting was attended by 39 participants. A meeting summary will be provided on this web page.

Meeting Materials

  • Presentation (Excessive Speeding Slide 18 revised June 14, 2022)

Mapping Comments

  • Feedback received from online mapping tool (closed for comment June 28, 2022).

Consultation Report

Stakeholder Interviews

Individual one-on-one meetings with local stakeholders like schools, businesses and other local organizations will help confirm local issues and discuss the specific opportunities and challenges (e.g. school drop off and pickup, nearby intersections, parking, etc.).


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