Attend a public workshop on June 12 and share your ideas using a digital interactive mapping activity. Meeting details in the Public Consultation tab below.


The City of Toronto is proposing to install a complete street on Trethewey Drive, which includes road safety improvements, bus stop enhancements and a bikeway, between Eglinton Avenue West and Jane Street. Complete streets enhance road safety and accessibility for all road users, including pedestrians, people cycling and driving.

Map of project area highlighting Trethewey Drive, Keelsdale future LRT station, Mt Dennis future LRT station and Weston UP Station.

The proposed complete street, including road safety improvements, bus stop enhancements and a bikeway, will run along Trethewey Drive from Eglinton Avenue West to Jane Street.

The proposed complete street along Trethewey Drive, from Eglinton Avenue to Jane Street, will use quick build materials such as paint and pre-cast materials.

The proposed configuration and design of the street will be developed based on public feedback collected through Phase 1 of the project (Spring 2024) and will be shared during Phase 2.

Phase 1 – Spring/Summer 2024

In this phase, the project team will gather feedback and preliminary ideas from the public to inform the complete street design.

Public Workshop

The public workshop will include a presentation, time for questions and comments, and a hands-on mapping activity where members of the public will be able to share ideas and identify preliminary concerns.

Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Time:  6:30 to 8 p.m.
Address: The Learning Enrichment Foundation- 116 Industry Street, Toronto, Ontario

View the public event materials below:

Social Pinpoint

Share your ideas using a digital interactive map. The comment period is open from May 20 to June 26, 2024.

Phase Two – Fall 2024

In this phase the project team will share a preliminary design based on the information collected in Phase 1 and gather further feedback to be taken into consideration during the detailed design phase.

Map describes the equity index and cycling index. The neighbourhood around Trethewey drive marks "low" for both indexes


Trethewey Drive and Denison Road were identified in the 2016 Ten Year Cycling Network Plan and for implementation in the 2022-2024 Cycling Network Near Term Implementation Program. Trethewey Drive scored second highest in the category of overall cycling impact analysis to benefit from major safety improvements due to the history of speeding, collisions, and serious injuries to road users.

Trethewey Drive provides a key connection supporting neighbourhoods that are most in need from both a cycling infrastructure perspective, as well as a social equity perspective. It also provides a connection between Eglinton Avenue West, the future Keelesdale LRT Station, the Weston UP and GO station, public transit on Jane Street and Weston Cycling Connections.

Spring 2024: Phase 1 consultation on existing conditions
Summer 2024: Preliminary design
Fall 2024: Phase 2 consultation on preliminary design
Late 2024-2025: Detailed design
Early 2025: Report to Infrastructure and Environment Committee
Summer 2025: Installation, pending Council approval
Fall 2025-2026: Monitoring and adjustments

*Timelines are subject to change

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