The City will replace the 100-year old cast iron watermain along Rowanwood Avenue, Thornwood Road, Chestnut Park and Roxborough Street with a newer, larger diameter watermain.  This will improve the reliability of water supply to the neighbourhood.

Construction is expected to begin in fall 2024 and will take approximately 20 months to complete. The work will involve underground tunneling and open cut construction within the City right-of-way.


Public Information Event

A virtual Public Information Event was held on July 11, 2022.

Map of work area along Rowanwood Avenue and Chestnut Park. Please contact Mae Lee at 416-392-8210 or email for more information.


  • Open cut installation
  • Trenchless installation
  • Vertical shaft

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In 2023, the City is planning to replace the existing 900mm watermains on Rowanwood Avenue, Cluny Drive, Chestnut Park, Roxborough Street East, and Wrentham Place with larger 1200mm watermain to ensure sufficient water supply to residents.

Construction will involve both excavation of trenches (‘open cut’) and underground tunneling work for about 20 months.

Tunneling on Rowanwood Avenue will be carried out through two underground shafts (vertical tunnels). A tunnel boring machine (TBM) will excavate and construct the new watermain between the two shafts. One shaft at MacPherson Avenue, west of Yonge Street and the other shaft at Thornwood Road.

Open cut construction will take place on Thornwood Road at Chestnut Park and Rowanwood Avenue; Roxborough Street at Wrentham Place and Chestnut Park.