May 2023 Update: City staff will present recommendations to the Infrastructure & Environment Committee at their meeting on June 5, 2023.  A copy of the staff report is available under agenda item IE4.3.  You can arrange to speak or submit comments to the Committee by contacting the Administrator at 416-396-7287 or by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, June 2, 2023.  Public Consultation report is now available.
The Bloor Street West Complete Street Extension between Runnymede Road and Resurrection Road aims to make travel on the street safer, more inviting, and attractive for everyone. The project proposes road safety improvements, cycle tracks, and public realm upgrades to meet Toronto’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan and Climate Change Action Plan goals.
Changes to Bloor Street West would be made with materials that can be installed quickly, such as bollards, roadway paint, planters and signage. No major road reconstruction is planned, and installation would take place in two phases in 2023 and 2024.

Public Drop-In Events

Two public drop-in events were scheduled for this project. The same materials was available at both events. The Public Drop-In Events provided an opportunity to view the project information panels, speak with members of the project team one-on-one and provide feedback.


Project Panels:

Roll Plans:

Please note that the following roll plans are large files and may take time to load. In addition, the roll plans are not accessibility compliant – if you require assistance please contact us.

Consultation Report:

Public Drop-in Event 1

Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Time: 6 – 8 p.m.
Location: Swansea Public School Gymnasium
Address: 207 Windermere Ave., M6S 3J9

Public Drop-in Event 2

Date: Thursday, April 13, 2023
Time: 6 – 8 p.m.
Location: Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Cafeteria
Address: 86 Montgomery Rd., M9A 3N5

Business Deliveries Survey

To help inform the design of the project, the City is looking to understand the loading demands and requirements of businesses and buildings located on Bloor Street West within the project area (Runnymede Road to Resurrection Road). The City recognizes that spaces for loading and deliveries are critical for the operation of businesses and organizations.

Contact us to request a link or printed copy of the survey.

Corridor map of Bloor Street West Complete Street Extension

Map of Bloor Street West Complete Street Extension project corridor. If approved by City Council, Phase 1, Runnymede Road to Aberfoyle Crescent, would be installed in 2023 and Phase 2, Aberfoyle Crescent to Resurrection Road, would be installed in 2024.


Summary of Proposed Changes: Runnymede Road to Aberfoyle Crescent

The following road safety improvements and complete street elements are being proposed along Bloor Street West from Runnymede Road to Aberfoyle Crescent as part of phase 1. If approved, phase 1 would be installed in 2023.

  • New cycle tracks with physical separation on both sides.
  • One motor vehicle lane removed in each direction.
  • Centre median maintained between Kingscourt Drive and Royal York Road, and a new painted median over the Humber River and the Mimico Creek bridges.
  • Existing turn lanes at major intersections maintained between Prince Edward Drive and Aberfoyle Crescent.
  • Centre lane or median converted to new, centre left-turn lane from Armadale Avenue to South Kingsway; Old Mill Drive to Riverside Drive; Old Mill Trail and Kingscourt Drive; and Royal York Road and Aberfoyle Crescent.
  • Westbound bus lane and right-turn lane on the north side of Bloor Street West from Armadale Avenue to Jane Street.
  • On-street parking retained on both sides of the street from Runnymede Road to Armadale Avenue, and in existing parking lay-bys from Armadale Avenue to Aberfoyle Crescent. In the summer, on-street parking can become cafés beside the sidewalk as part of the CaféTO program.
  • One painted pedestrian lane on the south side between Kingscourt Drive and Prince Edward Drive to address the existing sidewalk gap before a permanent sidewalk can be built.

Summary of Proposed Changes: South Kingsway Intersection

The intersection of Bloor Street West, South Kingsway, Riverview Gardens and Mossom Road has been reviewed for ways to improve safety and optimize traffic flow. If approved, phase 1, including these intersection improvements, would be installed in 2023. As part of this phase of work, the following is proposed to increase safety:

  • New cycle tracks and removal of one motor vehicle lane per direction on Bloor Street West.
  • Close the eastern entrance of Mossom Road. Mossom Road would be converted to two-way travel to provide residential access. A new left-turn lane would be provided at Riverside Drive and the existing left-turn restriction from Bloor Street West would be removed.
  • Extend the left-turn lanes for drivers turning from Bloor Street West onto South Kingsway and/or Jane Street.
  • Add more green signal time for the busiest motor vehicle movements.

Summary of Proposed Changes: Aberfoyle Crescent to Resurrection Road

The following road safety improvements and complete street elements are being proposed along Bloor Street West from Aberfoyle Crescent to Resurrection Road as part of phase 2. If approved, phase 2 would be installed in 2024.

  • New cycle tracks with physical separation on both sides.
  • One motor vehicle lane removed in the eastbound direction.
  • Centre left-turn lane between Aberfoyle Crescent and Green Lanes.

Since 2016, protected bikeways have been installed in phases along Bloor St. In 2016, the Bloor Bike Lanes were installed as a pilot project from Avenue Road to Shaw Street. Following an evaluation of the pilot project, City Council approved a permanent installation of the cycle tracks in 2017. In fall 2019, the City carried out consultation on the Bloor West Bikeway Extension from Shaw Street to Runnymede Avenue. Cycle tracks were installed on this segment of Bloor Street West in 2020 and 2021.

The current Cycling Network Near-Term Implementation Program was adopted for 2022-2024, which includes The Bloor St W Complete Street Extension. Consultation will involve two phases: phase one (in development) will run from the terminus of the existing bikeway at Runnymede Rd to Royal York Rd; and phase two (planned for later 2023/2024) will run from Royal York Rd to Six Points to connect to an existing bikeway in the Six Points redevelopment.

Project Email List

The project team is working to actively keep local residents and businesses informed throughout different stages of this project. To receive construction updates by email, subscribe to the project email.