The City of Toronto is working on the design details to improve mobility options on Gladstone Avenue and Peel Avenue, including:

  • pedestrian improvements
  • vehicular traffic changes
  • cycling improvements
  • parking changes
  • sustainability/green street features

For more details on these components, please review the Project Information tab.

Public Drop-in Event

A public drop-in event was held on April 8th, 2019, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Mary McCormick Recreation Centre. The event was attended by approximately 45 people and 53 Feedback Forms were submitted.

The Public Consultation Report will be available shortly.

Event Materials

The content posted below was presented at the drop-in event on April 8, 2019.

Pedestrian Improvements

  • Wider sidewalks
  • Accessible pedestrian crossings with tactile plates
  • Reduced pedestrian crossings distances
  • Street trees and street furniture

Vehicular Traffic Changes

  • Peel Avenue will become one-way in the westbound direction
  • Gladstone Avenue will become one-way in the northbound direction

Cycling Improvements

  • Contraflow bike lanes enable cyclists to travel in both directions on streets that are designated one-way for motor vehicle traffic
  • Builds connections to the local existing and planned cycling network

Parking Changes

  • On-street parking will remain available to meet current demand

Sustainability/Green Street Features

  • Grass and landscaped boulevards
  • Permeable paving materials
Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue (from Queen Street West to Argyle Street) will be in the construction zone.
Map of the Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue Road Reconstruction

Project History


Peel Ave. and Gladstone Ave. were last reconstructed in 1949. The average lifespan of a road is usually 50 years or so, at which time the road needs to be reconstructed.


In 2010, the City completed the Peel-Gladstone Reconstruction Class Environmental Assessment Study. After a detailed technical analysis, data collection and public feedback, the study recommended narrowing Peel Ave. and Gladstone Ave. between Peel Ave. and the supermarket (22 Northcote Ave.) from 13.1m to approximately 8.6m to include:

  • Single northbound lane on Gladstone (one-way operation)
  • Single westbound lane on Peel Ave. (one-way operational)
  • Parallel parking provided
  • Sidewalks widened


In 2011, the City eliminated the Dufferin Street “jog” by constructing an underpass on Dufferin Street to connect to Queen Street West (creation of a continuous connection for motor vehicles, bikes and pedestrian traffic on Duffering Street under the rail corridor). This connection eliminated the need for vehicles to travel along Peel and Gladstone Avenues to get to Queen Street West. As a result, there has been significant reductions in motor vehicle traffic and an increase in cycling on Peel and Gladstone Avenues.


Detailed design has commenced. The City is now moving forward with changes approved through the 2010 Peel-Gladstone Reconstruction Environmental Assessment Study to convert Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue (from Minowan Miikan Lane to Peel Avenue) into a one-way operation for motor vehicle traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to travel in both directions. Two-way motor vehicle travel on Gladstone Avenue from Queen Street West to Minowan Miikan Lane will remain.


Construction is planned for 2020, pending finalization of detailed design.