The City will be reconstructing Gladstone Avenue and Peel Avenue in 2023, providing an opportunity to improve the street for all road users. The redesign will improve:

  • Safety and accessibility
  • Promote healthy and active living
  • Improve transportation options for residents and visitors
  • Connect to existing pedestrian and cycling network
  • Create a more vibrant place for people to live, work and play

April 2024: Construction Update

On April 25, the final road resurfacing on Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue from Dufferin Street to Queen Street West will begin. During this time, our contractor will repave the road surface. Access to driveways and laneways will be maintained.

After the road resurfacing, our contractor will continue with the landscaping and remaining streetscaping improvements. The project is expected to be completed by late May.

February 2024: Construction Update

Starting the week of February 12, streetscaping improvements will begin on the south side of Peel Avenue between Dufferin Street and Gladstone Avenue. As part of the work, the contractor will excavate the sidewalk and begin to install the soil cells for the new street trees.

The soil cell installation on the west side of Gladstone Avenue is ongoing and is expected to be completed by early March.

January 2024: Construction Update

Most of the road reconstruction and sidewalk work has been completed on Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue from Dufferin Street to Queen Street West.

Starting in January, there will be a break in construction activity during the winter months. The road has been temporarily restored and all lanes have reopened.

Construction of the parking laybys, bike lanes and upgraded stormwater management systems will resume in spring 2024. The project is expected to be completed by summer 2024.

September 2023: Related Projects Update

Installation of Phase 2 of Bartlett-Havelock-Gladstone Cycling Connections will begin on September 17, 2023. Residents can expect new pavement markings and changes to parking and traffic prohibition signage as well as traffic signal operation. View the installation notice for more information.

August 2023: Construction Notice

A Construction notice has been mailed out to residents and businesses.

April 2023: Pre-Construction Notice

A Pre-Construction notice has been mailed out to residents and businesses.

A Construction Notice will be mailed out at least two weeks in advance of any work. This notice will include details on the construction staging and traffic management.

Vehicular Traffic Improvements

  • New 3-way stop at Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue
  • Layby parking on the west side of Gladstone Avenue and north side of Peel Avenue
  • New asphalt on the roadway

Pedestrian Improvements

  • New and wider sidewalks on both sides of the street
  • Accessible pedestrian crossings with tactile plates
  • Improved traffic island at the intersection of Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue

Cycling Improvements

  • Bike lanes on Gladstone Avenue and Peel Avenue

Green Infrastructure Improvements

  • Planting of new trees along the boulevard
  • Permeable pavers in laybys
  • Planters with integrated seating


For further details on the improvements, please see the final design and cross sections.

Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue were last reconstructed in 1949. The average lifespan of a road is usually 50 years or so, at which time the road needs to be reconstructed.

2010 – Environmental Assessment Study

In 2010, the City completed the Peel-Gladstone Reconstruction Class Environmental Assessment Study. After a detailed technical analysis, data collection and public feedback, the study recommended narrowing Peel Ave. and Gladstone Ave. between Peel Ave. and the supermarket (22 Northcote Ave.) from 13.1m to approximately 8.6m to include:

  • Single northbound lane on Gladstone (one-way operation)
  • Single westbound lane on Peel Ave. (one-way operational)
  • Parallel parking provided
  • Sidewalks widened

2011 – Dufferin Street

In 2011, the City eliminated the Dufferin Street “jog” by constructing an underpass on Dufferin Street to connect to Queen Street West (creation of a continuous connection for motor vehicles, bikes and pedestrian traffic on Dufferin Street under the rail corridor). This connection eliminated the need for vehicles to travel along Peel and Gladstone Avenues to get to Queen Street West. As a result, there has been significant reductions in motor vehicle traffic.

2019 – Public Consultation

In April, 2019 the City of Toronto brought forward a proposal to convert Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue from a 2-way operation to a 1-way operation for motor vehicle traffic, based on the Peel-Gladstone Reconstruction Environmental Assessment study approved in 2010.

Feedback from the Public Drop-In Event, held in April 2019, was mixed. There was some support for the roadway improvements in general such as street trees, planters, wider sidewalks, traffic calming and bicycle lanes. There was also concern raised regarding traffic circulation patterns throughout the neighbourhood including traffic from future developments if Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue (from Queen Street to Peel Avenue) was converted to a 1-way operation.

Based on concerns raised at the first public drop-in event and a further review of the challenges presented to circulation throughout the neighbourhood, it is now proposed to maintain 2-way motor vehicle operation along Peel Avenue and Gladstone Avenue (from Queen Street to Peel Avenue).

2019 – 2022 – Detailed Design

The City refined the design to address the concerns raised in 2019 and included green infrastructure upgrades. The detailed design was completed in spring 2022.