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How to Use This Map

Locate a cool space near you by entering an address or the nearest intersection. You can also find a location by browsing the interactive map. The location results list automatically updates as you scroll around the map. Filter Results allows you to narrow your results based on type of location, amenities and days of the week. Visit recreation centres for more information about locations that do not indicate hours.

Please note, the map identifies all available locations, but they may not meet all your immediate needs based on hours and access.

Shelters and 24-hour respite sites can be found at:

The City is continually working with local organizations to add new locations and update location details.

Any new partners interested in participating in the Heat Relief Network program or any current partners who require an update to location information can contact

Please note: Locations will not be visible on the map during the off-season, and are only activated during the Hot Weather Season between May 15 and September 30 of each calendar year.