It’s your Head. Use it.

Wheeled activities are a great way to get active, have fun and stay healthy. Remember to stay safe while having fun. A head injury can permanently change the way a child walks, talks, plays and thinks. Wearing a helmet will help protect your head.

Children and youth under 18 are required by law to wear a helmet when cycling in Ontario. Toronto Public Health encourages all people participating in wheeled activities (bikes, scooters, inline skates/roller blades, skateboards) to wear a helmet, regardless of age.

Wear a helmet and be a good role model!

Toronto Police Service: Bike Helmet Video

Toronto Police Bike Helmet Video

Educational video on bike helmet safety that highlights how to fit bike helmets properly by using the 2-V-1 rule.

CTV Toronto: Helmet Safety Initiative Video

Video screen shot linking to CTV News video on helmet safety

CTV News covers Helmet Safety Education at a Toronto Catholic School and illustrates the 2-V-1 rule of fitting a helmet properly.