The City of Toronto’s diverse team of sexual health promoters offers free:

  • training for your staff
  • training for your clients
  • consultations
  • free condoms and lubricant
  • pamphlets and resources

Toronto Public Health provides free condoms and lubricant to non profit community agencies, programs and services. Please email‎ for more information.

Read Our Philosophy on Sexual Health.

Birth Control & STI Information

Information on birth control methods and sexually transmitted infections.

Teacher Support

Health and Physical Education curriculum and teacher support for teachers.

Raising Sexually Healthy Children

This training helps adults talk about safety, boundaries, and sexual education with children, pre-teens and teenagers.

HIV 101

Interactive training for community service providers.

Sexual Health Training for People Working with Youth

Interactive training for community service providers.

Popular training topics:

  • birth control
  • consent and communication
  • gender
  • harm reduction
  • puberty
  • pleasure
  • relationships
  • reproductive health
  • sexual health clinic tours
  • sexuality
  • STIs and HIV
  • talking to children and teens about sexuality