Toronto Public Health’s diverse team of sexual health promoters offers free:

  • workshops in the community on popular sexual health topics
  • training for service providers
  • consultations
  • free condoms and lubricant
  • pamphlets and resources

Toronto Public Health provides free condoms and lubricant to non profit community agencies, programs and services. Please email‎ for more information.


Workshops on Sexual Health Topics

Interactive workshops for groups in the community (i.e., shelters, libraries, Parks, Forestry & Recreation, etc.).

Teacher Support

Human Development and Sexual Health lesson plans and support for teachers.

Pamphlets & Resources

Information on sexual health topics.

Ressources en français

Ressources en français pour l'éducation en matière de santé sexuelle.

Support for Parents & Caregivers

Resources for parents and caregivers sharing information with children and teenagers about sexuality and puberty.

Service Provider Training & Education

Training opportunities for community service providers.


Wrapper design series that represents the people who live, work and play in Toronto.