Health care providers can order some provincially funded vaccines for their clients via Toronto Public Health (TPH). Please read the eligibility criteria below before placing an order.


Toronto Public Health provides free hepatitis B, meningococcal and human papillomavirus vaccinations to Grade 7/8 students in schools. For schools with low student enrollment, or at the request of parents, Toronto Public Health can release the vaccines to physicians.

Physicians can order Menactra®/Menveo® vaccine for high school students who missed the vaccine in Grade 7/8. This vaccine is required for school attendance under the Immunization School Pupils Act.

Hepatitis A vaccine

  • individuals with chronic liver disease, including hepatitis B and C
  • individuals who use injection drugs
  • men who have sex with men (MSM)

Hepatitis B vaccine

  • infants born to hepatitis B carrier mothers
  • children under seven years of age, whose families have emigrated from countries with a high prevalence of hepatitis B or may be exposed to hep B carriers through their extended families
  • household and sexual contacts of chronic carriers and acute cases
  • individuals with a history of a sexually transmitted infection; multiple sex partners or MSMs
  • individuals with chronic liver disease, including hepatitis C
  • individuals who use injection drugs
  • individuals awaiting liver transplants (Only second and third doses are publicly funded.)
  • individuals with a needle-stick injury, in a non-health care setting
  • individuals on renal dialysis or persons with diseases requiring frequent receipt of blood products, such as haemophilia. (Only second and third doses are publicly funded.)

Meningococcal Conjugated A, C, Y, W-135 vaccine

Individuals, nine months of age and older with:

  • functional or anatomic asplena
  • complement, properdin, factor D deficiency or primary antibody deficiencies
  • pre/post cochlear implant recipients
  • Human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) or acquired complement deficiency

Menactra®/Menveo® is licensed up to age 55; its use for ages 56 and older is off label but recommended since the Meningococcal Polysaccharide ACYW-135 (Menomune®) is no longer available.

Multicomponent Meningococcal B (4CMenB) vaccine

Individuals, two months to 17 years with:

  • functional or anatomic asplenia
  • complement, properdin, factor D or primary antibody deficiencies
  • pre/post Cochlear implant recipients
  • HIV or acquired complement deficiencies (e.g., receiving eculizumab)

Human papillomavirus vaccine

  • individuals, up to 26 years of age who self-identify as MSM (gay, bisexual or transgender).

General Vaccines – Order Via Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Services (OGPMSS)

For Toronto health care providers, use the Ministry form: Requisition for Biological Supplies to order routine vaccines, immunization cards and other supplies. Then fax directly to OGPMSS.

For questions about your vaccine order, contact:

OGPMSS Customer Service
99 Adesso Drive,1st floor. Concord, ON L4K 3C7
Tel: 416-327-0837
Fax: 416-327-0818


For more information, see Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule for Ontario.