Online vaccine ordering is available for high-risk clients, school-based services and COVID-19 vaccines. Batch orders are available for some vaccines.

See the Influenza Information for Health Professionals webpage for details on this year’s Universal Influenza Immunization Program.

Remind patients to report their vaccinations to TPH. Provide patients with the following information about their vaccines so that they can accurately report using ICON:

  • A list of all vaccine(s) administered.
  • The vaccine brand name or product name.
  • The full date when the vaccine was administered (YY/MM/DD).

Vaccines can lose their effectiveness when exposed to light or temperatures outside +2°C and +8°C range. Please review the Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines to ensure vaccine potency and reduce wastage.

See related: Vaccine Storage & Power Outage Guidelines & Tips.

Health care practitioners are required to report AEFIs to Toronto Public Health. Please fax the completed AEFI Reporting Form (Public Health Ontario) to 416-696-3492 or email it to

Note: If the form doesn’t open from the link above, download it using the download icon on the top right of the page. Use Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader software to complete and save the fillable form.

For more information on AEFIs: