Facing an eviction? This handbook, available in multiple languages, is an overview intended to help tenants navigate the general eviction process including what to look out for, templates to use and what your rights are.
This section provides guidance for tenants and landlords on rental housing in the City of Toronto. It aims to address questions that may arise during tenancy, give resources around the rights and responsibilities that tenants and landlords are to expect, and help with navigating the rental process.

Understand & Fight Evictions

Learn about the eviction process, what makes an eviction legal, types of evictions and how to fight an eviction.

Rental Housing Standards

Learn about housing standards and enforcement options.

Rights & Responsibilities for Landlords & Tenants

Learn about rights and responsibilities for renting under the Residential Tenancies Act.

Finding Housing

Learn about housing programs to meet your specific needs and resources that can help you find housing.

Find Legal Help

Learn about your options and eligibility for legal aid.

Get Help Paying for Housing

Learn about financial support programs that can help you offset housing costs.

Organizations That Can Help

Find organizations that can provide guidance, answer questions and help you find housing.