Learn more about supports that are working to make Toronto’s communities safer.

Toronto Community Crisis Service

A service which dispatches trained teams of crisis workers to respond to people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Safety Audits

A tool to evaluate, identify and improve an environment to make it safer and less threatening for its users.

Community Crisis Response

Support, resources and financial assistance to communities impacted by violent and traumatic incidents.

FOCUS Toronto

An initiative that aims to reduce harms, victimization and improve community resiliency and wellbeing.


A service focused on reducing the recurrence of risks and promote the safe inclusion of vulnerable Torontonians in their communities.

Community Healing Project

A prevention project aimed at addressing trauma as a root cause of youth violence and gang involvement.

Youth Violence Prevention & Interruption

Programs and services that address community violence and support youth vulnerable to the involvement in serious violence and crime.

SafeTO: A Community Safety & Wellbeing Plan

A plan aimed at addressing the root causes of conditions that negatively impact community safety and well-being in Toronto.

TO Wards Peace Program

TO Wards Peace (TWP) aims to increase effective innovative interventions to mitigate gun violence in Toronto.

Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention

The City of Toronto is a member of the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention (CMNCP), which brings together municipalities from across the country to build capacity to reduce crime and foster community safety and wellbeing by investing in the prevention of crime through social development. Visit SaferCities.ca to find out more.