Child Safety

Learn how to keep children safe.

Smoking Safety

Learn how to prevent balcony fires and more.

Home Fire Escape Planning

Learn how to create your home fire escape plan.

Kitchen Safety

Avoid danger in the kitchen by following these guidelines.

Barbecue Safety

Learn how to light your barbecue properly and more.

High-Rise Fire Safety

Get informed about what to do in a high-rise fire.

Low-Rise/Small Multi-Unit Residential Fire Safety

Fire risk assessments for rooming houses, low-rise residential, and basement apartments.

Student Accommodations Fire Safety

What every student should know about preventing a fire.

Workplace Fire Safety

Protect yourself at work with these fire prevention tips.

Clothes Dryer Fire Safety

Take these precautions to avoid a clothes dryer fire.

Snow Shovelling

Learn how to shovel snow safely with these essential tips.

Lithium Ion Batteries Fire Safety

Learn how to safely use, maintain, and dispose of lithium ion batteries.