Cherry blossom trees are located in parks and other locations throughout Toronto. Take part in the centuries-old tradition of hanami, the Japanese term for flower viewing. Called sakura in Japan, these cherry blossom trees bloom at the end of April to early May.

Follow High Park Nature Centre as they share the stages of the bloom in High Park.

Donate to the Sakura Cherry Trees Project and support planting new cherry trees and maintaining existing trees.

Having Trouble Locating Cherry Blossom Trees in the Park?

Use What3Words to find the cherry blossom trees within the park (see locations below). What3words is a free app that can be downloaded to your smartphone from the app store or you can visit their website from your browser.


Climbing the cherry trees, pulling on the branches and plucking off the blooms can damage the trees. Stay on existing trails to protect ecologically sensitive areas. Keep the area beautiful by putting litter in its place.

Title Description
Birkdale Ravine

1100 Brimley Rd.

The pedestrian bridge north of Pomeroy Street is closed for bridge replacement and creek bank restoration until Spring 2026. An alternative bridge is located just north, near Waterfield Drive.

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  • Cherry trees are planted as a tree tunnel near the Pomeroy Street and Lyon Heights Road entrance
  • 45 trees were donated by Sagamihara, Toronto’s sister city in Japan, and planted in 2015 and 2016

Birkdale Ravine is close to Thomson Memorial Park.


  • There are sloped, paved paths from the north end at Birkdale Community Centre and from the parking lot off Brimley Road to the trees
  • There is a level paved pathway from the Pomeroy Street and Lyon Heights Road entrance
  • TTC has service along Ellesmere/Brimley
Broadacres Park

35 Crendon Dr.

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  • Cherry trees are located in rows near the southwest corner of the park near Elderfield Crescent
  • 100 trees were planted in November 2002

Find out what facilities are at Broadacres Park.


  • There are no paved pathways to the trees
  • Trees can be seen from the road
  • TTC has bus service along Burnhamthorpe Road and along The West Mall
Cedar Ridge Park

225 Confederation Dr.

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  • Cherry trees are located north of the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre
  • Five trees are planted in this location

Find out what facilities are at Cedar Ridge Park.


  • There is an interlock driveway from the parking lot to the tree location
Cedarvale Park

443 Arlington Ave.

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Find out what facilities are at Cedarvale Park.


  • There are paved paths near the trees
  • There is free parking at Phil White Arena
Centennial Park

151 Elmcrest Rd.

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  • Cherry trees are located along Rathburn Road, on Centennial Park Boulevard and northeast of Centennial Park Conservatory
  • 463 trees have been planted in this park: November 2002, June 2005, April 2009, April 2010, April and May 2011

Find out what facilities are at Centennial Park.


  • There are no paved pathways
  • Trees can be seen from the road
  • TTC has bus service along Rathburn Road
  • Free parking is available in Centennial Park and is within walking distance of the trees
Cherry Street and Villiers Street

309 Cherry St,

There is construction in the area and access may be restricted.

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  • Cherry trees are at the northeast corner of this intersection
  • 45 trees were planted in July 2006


  • There are paved pathways to the trees
  • The trees can be viewed from the road
Edwards Gardens

755 Lawrence Ave. E.
North York

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  • 8 medium trees are located near the water fountain near the Edwards Garden courtyard
  • 2 mature trees are close to the bridal path entrance on the west side of the ravine

Find out what facilities are at Edwards Gardens.


  • There are paved pathways
  • There is a parking lot off Leslie Street at the Toronto Botanical Gardens
  • TTC service on Lawrence Avenue East and Leslie Street
Exhibition Place

100 Princes Blvd.
Toronto East York

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  • Cherry trees are throughout the Exhibition Grounds
  • 68 trees were planted in 2002


  • There are paved pathways
  • Paid parking is available on the grounds
  • TTC and GO service nearby


High Park

142 Colborne Lodge Dr.

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  • Cherry trees are primarily located on the east side of Grenadier Pond
  • 50 trees were planted between 2017 and 2018

Find out what facilities are at High Park.

There is no vehicle or parking access to High Park during the cherry blossom peak bloom period. Only Wheel-Trans vehicles will be allowed into High Park during peak bloom.

Check out the High Park Nature Centre Blossom Watch to find out when the trees are in bloom.


  • Cherry Hill is not located close to paved pathways and is a sloped area
  • Accessible portable washrooms will be provided on-site during peak bloom days
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

6 Garamond Crt.
North York

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  • Cherry trees are located on the north, south and east sides of the parking lot with more on the north side of the building
  • Trees were planted in September 2002, June 2004 and September 2012


John P. Robarts Research Library

130 St George St.

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  • Cherry trees are at the corner of Huron Street and Harbord Street, lining the walking path
  • 70 trees were planted in October 2005

The John P. Robarts Research Library is close to Queen’s Park.

Toronto Island Park

Take the ferry at 9 Queens Quay W.

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  • Approximately 30 cherry trees are located on Centre Island beside William Meany Maze
  • Trees were planted in 2011

See what facilities are on Centre Island.


  • There are level paved pathways to the trees
  • Accessible washrooms are located nearby
Trinity Bellwoods Park

790 Queen ST. W.

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In 2021, access to the Trinity Bellwoods Park cherry blossom trees will be closed to the public.

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

1265 Military Tr.

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  • Cherry trees are in front of the Humanities Wing
  • 50 trees are planted here

The U of T Scarborough Campus is close to Morningside Park.

Woodbine Park

1695 Queen St. E.

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  • Cherry trees are planted as a tree tunnel along the curved path next to the pond
  • 20 trees are planted here
  • Trees are not mature

Find out what facilities are at Woodbine Park.


  • There are paved pathways to the trees
  • TTC service nearby
York University

4700 Keele St.
North York

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  • Cherry trees are throughout the campus
  • 250 trees have been planted: May 2003, June 2004, May 2005 and June 2007


History of Cherry Trees in High Park

1959 – The Japanese ambassador to Canada, Toru-Hagiwara, presented 2000 Japanese Somei-Yoshino Sakura trees to the citizens of Toronto on behalf of the citizens of Tokyo. The trees were planted in appreciation of Toronto accepting re-located Japanese-Canadians following the Second World War. Many were planted on the hillside overlooking Grenadier Pond.

1984 – A grove of Japanese cherry trees were planted along a pathway west of the Children’s Adventure Playground. The trees were donated by Yoriki and Midori Iwasaki as a special gift to the people of Toronto and “a joyful symbol of life”.

2001 – Through the Consulate General of Japan in Toronto’s “Sakura Project”, 34 Yoshino ‘Akebono’ and Kwanzan ‘Fugenzo’ Sakura trees were donated and planted on the east shore of Grenadier Pond near the Maple Leaf garden.

2006 – Sixteen additional Yoshino Sakura trees were planted near the original 1959 planting site.

2019 – New trees planted in a special ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Sakura trees donated to High Park in 1959 by the citizens of Tokyo