Visit the Council Chamber for a series of short films from local film festival partners. Films featured include a documentary about the extraordinary history of the planning and building of City Hall and its subsequent impact on Toronto.

Location: Council Chamber, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West
Date & Time: May 25 and May 26, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Date & Time: May 25 and 26, 10.a.m. – 3:30 p.m., running continuously

Presented in Partnership with imagineNATIVE

A still from WAASEYA of a man in despair. Part of Sovereign Bodies | Healthy Nations.
Sovereign Bodies | Healthy Nations Short Film – WAASEYA

Six short films created through a partnership between imagineNATIVE and Native Youth Sexual Health Network, and in association with Charles Street Video. Indigenous youth, ages 18-26, were invited to participate in workshops and trainings that explored Indigenous sexual health, gender & sexuality, and film/media making. Participants were supported with information, gear, elders, and mentors to assist in producing a new video work or short film.

The films explore self-discovery, community building, seed rematriation, personal healing, and cultural values.

imagineNATIVE is the world’s largest presenter of Indigenous screen content.

Filmmakers: Shelby Lisk, Chantal Maru, Bert Whitecrow, Maya Gonzalez-Fuentes, Evelyn Pakinewatik, and Alex Fisher.

Date & Time: May 25 and 26, 10.a.m. – 3:30 p.m., running continuously

Presented in partnership with ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto

A still from the Citizenship Project. The word "blossom" is depicted in pink clay as roots coming out of a river.
Citizenship Project Short Film

A series of stop motion animated shorts produced by young adults in collaboration with professional artists.

Over the course of 16 weeks, young adults learned from experts on transit, affordable housing, self-advocacy, and more, and created films that speak to their own perspectives, ideas and concerns.

The Citizenship Project is an initiative that supports young adults who identify as disabled to develop knowledge and skills around advocacy, activism and civic engagement.

Filmmakers: Krystal Nausbaum, Madeleine (Maddy) Stratton, Ryan Smith, Dayna Morris, Julia Furgiuele, James Brown, Lyla Fern-Weinbern, Ben Clement, and Julian Escallon.

Date & Time: May 25 and 26, 3:30 p.m. daily

A documentary film by Michael Kainer in collaboration with Karen Teeple
Duration: 70 minutes

A still from the documentary Finn with an Oyster. Lights shine on new City Hall as large crowds gather beneath.
Finn with an Oyster Documentary Film

In the mid-1950’s, Toronto politicians wondered what catalyst the city needed to propel it into the modern era. Their response — one of the largest juried architectural competitions ever. 520 architects from 42 countries made their pitches for the right to design the new City Hall. The process was laden with controversy: destruction of significant historical buildings to create space for the new City Hall and its massive fronting public square, holding an international rather than local competition, selecting an unconventional design by Viljo Revell, a young, relatively unknown foreign architect.

The City Hall Hub is sponsored by Schlage Locks Canada.