Imagine a Toronto with flourishing natural habitats and an urban environment made safe for a great diversity of wildlife species. Envision a city whose residents treasure their daily encounters with the remarkable and inspiring world of nature, and the variety of plants and animals who share this world. Take pride in a Toronto that aspires to be a world leader in the development of urban initiatives that will be critical to the preservation of our flora and fauna.

A number of these non-human residents of Toronto are profiled in the biodiversity series of booklets below. It is hoped that despite the severe biodiversity loss due to massive urbanization, pollution, invasive species, habitat loss and climate change, the Biodiversity Booklet Series helps re-connect people with the natural world, and raises awareness of the seriousness that biodiversity loss represents and how it affects them directly. The series will help cultivate a sense of stewardship in residents; inform the City on the current state of local biodiversity and how current City policies, procedures and operations can be enhanced, altered or revised in order to help mitigate local biodiversity loss. The booklets will be available at your local City of Toronto Public Library branch and in PDF format below.

For copies of Birds of Toronto; Trees, Shrubs and Vines of Toronto; or Mushrooms of Toronto, please contact Kelly Snow.