The City of Toronto is committed to promoting and supporting quality programming and services for all Healthy Child Development. We provide the opportunity to play, participate, make friends and master a skill under the guidance of a caring adult. This is our HIGH FIVE® Commitment to Children.

Our program staff have been selected for their enthusiasm, experience and background in working with children. They set a positive tone and promote children’s sense of self-esteem, encourage friendships and support an emotionally safe and enjoyable activity setting. Staff participate in extensive training which includes child management, appropriate program planning, risk management, policies and procedures, customer service, inclusion and support and more. All of our staff are certified in First Aid and HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Child Development.

For policies and procedures regarding our recreation programs, visit Recreation Program Policies and Procedures.

HIGH FIVE ® Accreditation

The round, purple, white and yellow logo for HIgh Five Accredited, a quality standard for children's sport and recreation. HIGH FIVE® Accreditation is the highest recognized level of quality and safety in children’s sport and recreation in Canada. The City of Toronto is proud to be a HIGH FIVE® Accredited Organization that maintains a focus on healthy child development in our all aspects of our programming and policies.

All programming for children ages six to 12 incorporates the five Principles of Healthy Child Development that research indicates are essential for providing positive experiences in recreation and leisure settings.  All Recreation staff use these principles to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for participants.

  • A caring adult
  • The opportunity to make friends
  • The opportunity to play
  • The opportunity to master skills
  • The opportunity to participate

We want to hear from you!

We take quality seriously and are always seeking feedback on our services! In an effort to continually improve service delivery to residents, members of the public are invited to comment when something goes wrong. Caregivers are encouraged to give feedback on programs and activities at any time during or after the program.

Feedback can be provided by:

  • speaking to staff after programs or calling the program location
  • filling out a program evaluation form on site

For additional information, visit How to Submit Your Feedback.