Residents are encouraged to get some fresh air this winter and explore the city’s green spaces. To help with this the City will be providing winter maintenance on select pathways across the city. These pathways will provide residents with an opportunity for longer walks during the winter months. Some parks, outdoor rinks and recreation centres have washrooms available all winter long. Use the following map and/or list of pathways and washrooms to plan your visit ahead of time.

For washrooms during spring, summer and early fall, visit Spring and Summer Washrooms in Parks and Recreation Facilities.

Additional paths are being cleared this season to include high use locations, areas that provide increased use of park spaces and amenities, areas of the city that lacked green space for the public to enjoy during the winter and linkages for the public to access the outdoors. Two trails are cleared by the City, the Martin Goodman Trail and the Humber Bay Shore Trail. The maintenance practices between sites and within each site might vary depending on local conditions or particular environmental conditions.  Park pathways connecting to TTC routes, schools, arenas and community centres are cleared after 8 cm of accumulation, within 24 hours of snowfall.