Parking offences that do not require signs:

  • Park longer than 3 hours
  • Park more than 30 cm from a curb
  • Park vehicle for sale
  • Park obstruct driveway/laneway
  • Park within 3 metres of a fire hydrant
  • Park within 9 metres of an intersecting highway
  • Park taxi cab for hire-unauthorized location
  • Park on a boulevard
  • Park between 2:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. Dec 1 to Mar 31 each year in the former North York ONLY (TMC 950, Traffic and Parking), Section 950-400D(9)
  • Stop on/over sidewalk/footpath
  • Stop roadside (parked/stopped) vehicle
  • Park left wheels to curb
  • Stop within intersection
  • Stop within 9 metres of crosswalk
  • Stop on a bridge
  • Stop on centre strip

Holiday parking: Bylaws - parking on holidays

Fire Hydrants
The 3 metres limitation refers to prohibited parking within 3 metres of the "imaginary line" on the point on the street where the hydrant is located. A fire or rescue vehicle must have unimpeded access directly in front of the hydrant regardless of how far back the hydrant is located from the curb.

3 hour parking limit
Prior to the amalgamation of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, the Borough of East York and the Cities of Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto and York on January 1, 1998, each of the former municipalities had their own parking and traffic bylaws. These bylaws remain in effect within the boundaries of the former municipalities until such time as Council makes changes. These bylaws may be researched at the Toronto Archives

Section 400-33 of the Municipal Code for the former City of Toronto states:
E. General parking prohibitions.

(1) No person shall on any highway park any vehicle:

(e) For a period longer than three (3) hours, unless the person is the holder of a
permit issued under SS 409-B or C or 400-52. (accessible parking permit)

Section 240-7-B of the Municipal Code for the former City of Etobicoke states:
General Parking and Stopping Regulations:

D. No person shall on any highway park any vehicle:

(5) For a period longer than three (3) hours;

Definition of a Highway
"Highway" means includes every highway within the meaning of the Highway
Act, and every road, street, land or right-of-way designed or intended for or used
by the general public for the passage of vehicles and every private place or
passage-way to which the public, for the purpose of the parking or servicing of
vehicles, has access or is invited.

Habitual Offender Program (implemented February 20, 2014)
Toronto Police Services will tow any illegally parked vehicles where the vehicle owner has 3 or more unpaid and or outstanding parking ticket fines where 120 days has elapsed from the offence date. Note: Out of province plates will also be subjected to towing in this program.