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March 14, 2023

Today, the City of Toronto outlined a work plan for the Housing Action Plan 2022-2026 which identifies a strong “made-in-Toronto,” multi-pronged and transparent approach to increasing housing supply, housing choice and affordability for current and future residents.

The Housing Action Plan aims to increase the supply of housing to achieve or exceed the provincial housing target of 285,000 new Toronto homes by 2031.

At its meeting on Tuesday, March 21, Executive Committee will consider a City staff report recommending Housing Action Plan priorities for the 2022-2026 term of City Council. The report includes aggressive timelines for approving and implementing a wide range of actions, including 37 for this year, and policies and programs to increase the housing supply within complete, inclusive and sustainable communities with the critical infrastructure to support growth. While many of the initiatives will be reported to City Council for consideration and approval over the life of the Plan, the adoption of this report is within Executive Committee’s authority.

The report outlines specific actions City staff will focus on starting this year and over the next three years, including:

  • removing policy and zoning barriers to building housing
  • leveraging public lands to increase the housing supply
  • preserving existing rental homes
  • supporting the development of a range of purpose-built rental homes (including market and non-market) through new and strengthened housing policies and programs
  • supporting the community sector (including non-profit and co-op housing providers) to modernize and grow their stock

The report features an ambitious plan to support students, newcomers, low- and moderate-income households, renters, equity-deserving communities and individuals and families looking for more housing options across Toronto.

The report also highlights several key deliverables which are being brought forward in March and April to advance the Housing Action Plan, including:

  • a recommendation to enable as-of-right zoning for multiplexes (up to four housing units) in all neighbourhoods citywide
  • a new publicly accessible data dashboard to track affordable rental homes, approved, under construction, built homes, as well as homes demolished and replaced through rental replacement policies
  • a clear and cohesive approach to meeting the Province of Ontario’s housing pledge for 285,000 homes in Toronto by 2031
  • a framework to support the growth and modernization of the community housing (including co-operative housing) sector

To help inform this report, a Rental Housing Opportunities Roundtable (“Roundtable”) was initiated in January 2023, comprised of a range of housing policy and development experts, representatives from other orders of government, as well as City and CreateTO staff. The Roundtable helped the City identify current constraints to building rental housing as well as opportunities for all orders of government to boost the rental housing supply in Toronto. The Roundtable report is attached to the City staff report.

Addressing Toronto’s complex housing challenges requires a whole-of-government and whole-of-community approach. Increasing the housing supply in Toronto requires new policies, programs, and financial tools from all orders of government, as well as participation from the Indigenous, non-profit and private sectors.

Read the Housing Action Plan 2022-2026: Priorities and Work Plan – Report for Action staff report.

More information about the City’s 2020-2030 HousingTO Action Plan is available on the City’s website.


“This is a great city – people want to live here and people want to make sure their families can continue to live here. Housing is a key priority for the City, and I intend to continue to advance this work to ensure that we are doing everything we can to provide people with more homes, more options for homes in neighbourhoods, and more affordable homes. We are committed to working with all partners to meet or exceed a target of 285,000 homes over the next ten years. Through the Housing Action Plan, we will be able to increase supply, choice and affordability of housing in all corners of our city.”
– Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough-Rouge Park)

“Our Housing Action Plan will take immediate action to deliver more housing supply, choice and affordability for current and future residents of Toronto. We are working hard to respond to the urgent need for housing solutions across the housing continuum, and this Plan moves us full speed ahead on initiatives and actions to be taken during this term of Council, including aggressive actions to be advanced this year. We aren’t waiting. We are moving ahead right now.”
– Councillor Brad Bradford (Beaches-East York), Chair, Planning and Housing Committee

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