News Release
May 17, 2022

Mayor John Tory announced today that the City of Toronto and Toronto Hydro are on track to install 32 additional on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by the end of 2022, after the successful conclusion of the Residential and Downtown On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Station pilots, which were launched by the City and Toronto Hydro in October 2020.

The expansion of public on-street EV charging infrastructure in Toronto supports the goals and targets of the City’s TransformTO Net Zero climate action strategy and will encourage and make EV adoption more affordable by increasing access for households with limited ability to install on-site charging or who have less access to on-site dedicated parking opportunities.

The 32 additional EV charging stations will be installed at 17 residential on-street permit parking locations, in areas where houses do not have access to private parking pads or garages. Locations were selected because they have enough capacity for dedicated EV parking spots, which allows for easy installation with minimal disruption to pedestrians and the community.

The  additional on-street EV charging stations will be installed at the following  locations:

  1. 535 Runnymede Rd.
  2. 64 Annette St.
  3. 115 High Park Ave.
  4. 685 Dovercourt Rd.
  5. 705 Shaw St.
  6. 41 Inglewood Dr.
  7. 39 Cuthbert Cres.
  8. 580 Christie St.
  9. 186 Carlton St.
  10. 188 Carlton St.
  11. 453 Jones Ave.
  12. 503 Jones Ave.
  13. 132 Chatham Ave.
  14. 258 Riverdale Ave.
  15. 31 Roseheath Ave.
  16. 543 Strathmore Blvd.
  17. 1856 Queen St. E.

A staff report going before the Infrastructure and Environment Committee on May 25, “On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Pilot Conclusion and Next Steps”, marks the conclusion of the Residential and Downtown On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Station pilots, which saw the installation of 17 EV charging stations on nine downtown and residential roads in Toronto. The pilots were launched with the aim of understanding EV charging usage in Toronto, helping permit parking holders access on-street charging and understanding EV charging in combination with paid parking.

The pilots found that EV charging station usage increased for the downtown charging stations from an average monthly 0.24 per cent in October 2020 to 35.3 per cent in April 2022 and from 2.4 per cent to 22 per cent for the charging stations in residential permit parking areas. The total number of charging sessions per month also grew over the same period from four to 227 sessions for the downtown charging stations and from 81 to 452 sessions for the charging stations in residential permit parking areas.

In addition to expanding Toronto’s on-street charging infrastructure, the City is increasing EV adoption by requiring new buildings to have the infrastructure to support EV charging, providing funding to support and encourage EV charging infrastructure to be installed in existing buildings and providing public EV charging stations in Green P parking lots (up to 500 by end of 2024) and at City-owned properties and facilities. The City is also undertaking planning and policy development to support the expansion of EV charging infrastructure in Toronto.

City Council adopted an ambitious strategy to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto to net zero by 2040 – 10 years earlier than initially proposed. Toronto’s target is one of the most ambitious in North America.

More information about the current EV charging stations in Toronto and their locations is available on Toronto Hydro’s website.


“Investing in this green infrastructure is a big step towards achieving net zero by 2040 and is good news for those who want to use electric vehicles in Toronto. We’re not only making it easier for residents and visitors to access clean public energy, but we’re building the foundation for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly road network for future generations.”
– Mayor John Tory

“The expansion of our city’s public on-street charging infrastructure moves us closer to our goal of net-zero emissions, by making Torontonians feel more confident about choosing electric vehicles over gas cars.”
– Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough-Rouge Park), Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee

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