News Release
July 15, 2022

The City of Toronto is reviewing its public engagement activities to support more meaningful and inclusive opportunities for Torontonians to provide input into City issues, services, strategies and decisions. The public is invited to provide feedback on their experience with City public engagement activities through a short online survey.

The survey will take 10 minutes to complete and closes at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31.

The City would like to hear from those who have participated in engagement activities in the past, including taking a survey, attending a public meeting, joining a committee or helping shape City decisions in other ways. The City would also like to hear from individuals who have not participated in its public engagements before to learn why – what  barriers may have prevented participation and what the City could do to support participation in the future.

In 2021, Toronto City Council directed City staff to undertake an 18-month review of the City’s public engagement methods, standards and resources to consider ways to deliver more inclusive, accessible and relevant engagement with the public, particularly Indigenous, Black and equity-deserving communities. The item that Council adopted “Towards Recovery and Building a Renewed Toronto” is available on the City’s website.

In addition to the survey, the City will host interviews and small group discussions, review public feedback and insights previously shared with the City, gather feedback from external engagement consultants and practitioners and look at research and best practices from municipalities around the world.

The feedback from the Public Engagement Review will be used to help the City develop more inclusive and meaningful engagement opportunities and build trust and a stronger relationship with the public. The findings from the Public Engagement Review will be posted on the City’s Public Engagement web page in early 2023 and will inform future City engagement strategies, policies and processes. More information is available on the City’s Public Engagement webpage.

If members of the public prefer to offer their feedback in another way, they may contact or call 437-998-2833.

Toronto is home to more than 2.9 million people whose diversity and experiences make this great city Canada’s leading economic engine and one of the world’s most diverse and livable cities. As the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto is a global leader in technology, finance, film, music, culture and innovation, and consistently places at the top of international rankings due to investments championed by its government, residents and businesses. For more information visit the City’s website or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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