News Release
July 14, 2022

Today, Mayor John Tory, along with Gary Anandasangaree, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, Attorney General of Canada and Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Rouge Park , Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão (Davenport), Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee, and Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough-Rouge Park), marked the official opening of 22 newly-renovated affordable homes that will provide 24/7 on-site supports for tenants at 4626 Kingston Rd.

The construction of a new five-storey modular building at the same location that will create 64 additional affordable and supportive homes for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

Both buildings will include studio apartments with private bathrooms and kitchenettes. Tenants will also have access to shared facilities in the modular housing building, including laundry, a communal area, a commercial kitchen, a dining area and programming space.

Once the modular building is complete, 86 new, safe, affordable homes with supports will be provided at 4626 Kingston Rd. The homes will be dedicated to seniors, youth and people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The new modular building is being completed with federal Rapid Housing Initiative funding and support from the City of Toronto, including Open Door incentives to waive development charges and planning and building permit fees.

Fred Victor, a multi-service charitable organization that has worked to improve the health, income and housing stability of people experiencing poverty and homelessness in Toronto for over 125 years, was selected to operate and provide support services at 4626 Kingston Rd. They will provide 24/7 on-site staffing, health care, health-related services and community development programs. Fred Victor has over 35 years of experience owning and operating affordable and supportive housing for people who have experienced homelessness.

The City acquired the property at 4626 Kingston Rd. in 2021. The project received capital funding from the federal government under Phase One of the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI). RHI funding allows the City to effectively respond to the urgent need for more affordable and supportive housing by providing a rapid, dignified response that connects people experiencing and at risk of homelessness with homes and appropriate supports to help them achieve housing stability. Recently, the Government of Ontario committed to providing $27 million in operating funding for the support services delivered at the City’s new supportive homes, including the Kingston Road location.

RHI is delivered by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) under the National Housing Strategy (NHS). The RHI was launched in October 2020 to help address the urgent housing needs of vulnerable Canadians, especially in the context of COVID-19, through the rapid construction of affordable and supportive housing. The second Phase of RHI was announced in July 2021. Across Phase 1 and 2, the City has received over $400 million to create almost 1,000 new affordable and supportive homes. Due to this success, an additional $1.5 billion for the RHI was announced through Budget 2021.

In late 2020, as an urgent response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City launched a 24-month COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Response Plan to provide 3,000 new affordable housing opportunities, including 2,000 new supportive homes and 1,000 Housing Benefits. The City is on track to exceed these targets and create over 3,300 new affordable and supportive housing opportunities over 2021 and 2022. Building supportive housing ensures people in need have access to good quality, safe, affordable homes and are supported to stay in their homes and meet their personal goals.

Since 2020, the City of Toronto has led the development of almost 1,000 new supportive homes at 12 locations across the city.

RHI is just one way the City is addressing the need for more affordable housing options in Toronto. The HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan targets the approval of 40,000 new affordable rental homes with 18,000 supportive homes, including 1,000 modular homes, to help increase housing stability for Toronto residents over the next 10 years. More information about the HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan.


“The City of Toronto is committed to improving housing affordability and helping those who need it the most. We are committed to working with the other governments and our community partners to get more housing built as quickly as possible. Affordable and safe homes are vital for good health and prosperity of our communities. Developing more supportive housing projects like this one creates stable housing that offers direct access to supports and other resources that allow community members to thrive. 4626 Kingston Rd. will be a home to more than 80 people, and I look forward to seeing this affordable rental project become a part of our vibrant city and to help people.”
– Mayor John Tory

“The new supportive housing at 4626 Kingston Road will offer a safe and affordable place to live, as well as support to each tenant as they work towards their goals for a healthier life in the community. I’m so grateful to have ongoing support from our federal government partners and local partners as we work together to help our community members who are struggling. This initiative illustrates how collaborating with different levels of Government can effectively work to provide a safe, secure home for those most in need.”
– Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão (Davenport), Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee

“Access to affordable housing is vital for the prosperity and well-being of our communities in Scarborough. I’m thrilled to see 22 new affordable homes with supports open at 4626 Kingston Road. Scarborough is proud to have vibrant, diverse, and caring communities and it’s important for us to make sure that no one gets left behind. This project will help to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our communities have a stable home environment with supports they need to get back on their feet fast.”
– Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough-Rouge Park)

“Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. This federal investment is a crucial step to support those most vulnerable in Toronto. These new homes will offer residents stability and safety and are another way our National Housing Strategy is ensuring no one is left behind.”
– The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion

“With this announcement, we are providing a chance to members of our community who are vulnerable. Having access to safe, supportive, and affordable homes will help bring a positive change to their lives and to the community. In collaboration with the City of Toronto and local stakeholders, we are working to ensure that all people in Toronto and across our province have safe and affordable housing.”
– Gary Anandasangaree, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Rouge Park

“The only way to really address homelessness is to create more homes – homes that are deeply affordable and homes that come with needed supports. So Fred Victor is proud to partner with the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to provide this desperately needed housing with supports. Through cooperation and collaboration, we can achieve great outcomes like 4626 Kingston Road.”
– Keith Hambly, CEO, Fred Victor

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